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A Quick Guide to HDB Renovation

Have you been living in the same old Housing and Development Board (HDB) flat for decades? Have you gotten tired of staring at the old-fashioned walls? Then it could be time for you to consider renovating your HDB flat. People have different reasons for their HDB renovations. Some renovate their HDB flats out of sheer necessity; others do so for cosmetic purposes. Couples with an expanding family often go for HDB renovations as they need additional space, partitions or added safety fixtures inside their homes.


Hiring HDB renovation companies is a very common practice nowadays. It is not as costly as one would think. Furthermore handling HDB renovations by yourself could be more costly and more troublesome for you. If you want to renovation your HDB flat yourself, you will need to consider so many things like some instructions, training, step by step guides, tools and of course, patience.

The first part of your HDB renovation will be a complete assessment. The HDB renovation contractor will check your flat and assess which parts of it require renovation and which parts of it should be prioritised. The most frequent places that require renovation are the kitchen, living room, toilets and bathroom. These are usually common areas and often used.

The kitchen is easily subject to wear and tear. People use the kitchen nearly every single day. Ask the HDB renovation contractor to carefully assess the kitchen to see which parts should be replaced and which ones should be retain. If the cupboards are still in very good condition, you can just have it repainted or have the handles replaced.

Ugly windows can ruin a home. If your windows are rusty and very creaky, then you must have it replaced. If your windows only need cleaning, then you can hire a window cleaning company to have your window polished and cleaned.

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