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A Matching Top & Bottom For Your Kitchen


TEKA Cooker Hood DSB90

Design: We found the Teka Cooker Hood DSB90 to be very suitable for the style of our new home, as we preferred sleek designs. Our little cooking area looks more stylish as the hood has a unique structure. It wasn’t like the traditional hoods where it was big, bulky and a hassle to clean.


Function: There are 3 absorption speeds to choose from depending on what we are cooking. For example when we do frying, which will naturally generate lots of smoke, the hood is able to do a quick absorption instantaneously. This is important, as it prevents our already small kitchen being choked up with oil and smoke. Another key highlight to note is that the noise level created from this hood is kept minimal. These 2 factors are what differentiate a good and moderate hood for your home.


TEKA Gas Hob CGW LUX 86 3G

We don’t cook that often but on the other hand, my mum enjoys every bit of cooking and does it daily. She demands high standards of the gas hob that we’re going to select. As such we’ve discussed with her on these considerations: (1) the flames ignited from the burner must be huge. Stoves that ignite small fire will take a longer time to cook. So since my mum executes swiftly in her kitchen, she’d prefer a hob with huge flames to assist her and additionally this also enhances the dishes’ flavors.

(2) The structure of this hob is such that the iron grids only hold onto the circumference of the pots, which means that the flames come into direct contact with the bottom of the pots. There were a few designs that we’ve explored, but these models had grids that were probably more stylish and modern looking. And from a functional perspective, I believe this will cause the flames to be a distance away from the surface of the pot, which might possibly hinder the speed of cooking.

(3) We also liked the auto-lock safety device that is integrated in each burner. We had made it a point to ensure our hob does come with this safety feature, especially since we had a previous incident where strong winds in the kitchen blew off the flames of the burner, and no one was watching the fire! Fortunately we found out soon enough without getting ourselves into a terrible accident. So the safety feature is a must for all families especially if your homes do experience frequent strong winds, or if there are absent-minded old folks or curious kids in the family.


TEKA Microwave MWL 20 Bi

To be honest, we had limited choices to choose for the microwave because we were restrained by space and this Teka microwave MWL 20 Bi was the best option for us.


Although this is just a basic model but it aptly fulfills our daily needs at home. If you are looking for something that has more advanced features, then this may not be the right choice for you. However if you are looking for convenience such as defrosting, quick heating, and even simple grilling, then this would an excellent option for your consideration.

The Teka microwave MWL 20 Bi is not big or spacious for multiple grand dishes, but it’s just sufficient to heat up or defrost one dish at a time. I’ve got a photo taken with a typical tissue box inside for reference in sizes. So far there hasn’t been any issue for our family, and it has been working well, and more importantly, met our expectations with the basic fulfillments.



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