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A Good Renovation Contractor: Basic Introduction

You may have seen a lot of articles on finding a good renovation contractor. So we went through each one and compiled the basic information which you would possibly need in your quest of finding a good renovation contractor.


It is not really that difficult task to achieve as long as you know what you are looking for, what you want to achieve and what your budget is. To find a good renovation contractor, you will however need to sift through a sea of other contractors out there who may be incompetent or cons who will try to cheat you out of your hard earned cash. But don’t fret, there are still quite a huge number of reliable renovation contractors here in Singapore. This two part article will guide you on how to find a reliable renovation contractor.

If you want a Housing and Development Board (HDB) renovation, you should make sure that the contractor you are hiring is an HDB-accredited renovation contractor. HDB has a list of their accredited and approved renovation contractors on their website. Make sure that you are working with a licensed and recognised renovation contractor at all times. Check out their portfolio and ask for a list of their previous clients too.

If you are looking for feedback from their previous clients, you can always go to the internet and read about reviews. Singapore has quite a few forums and sites which allow clients to air out their feedback about their renovation contractors.

In addition, you should also find out what their specialisation is. Some renovation contractors specialise in commercial space renovation – this includes retail stores, boutiques and offices. Some specialise in residential area renovations, including condominiums, landed property and HDB units. These residential renovation contractors also have specific specialisations – it could be bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or living room.

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