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Wanna design your wall but have no ideas where to start from? Why not consider CraftStone? After our visit to CraftStones Showroom, we learnt that wall design can be so Simple with CraftStones.
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A Couple’s Decision to DIY their Home Renovation (part 8)

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Chapter 8 – Feel the Touch See the Difference


Wanna design your wall but have no ideas where to start from?

Why not consider CraftStone?

After our visit to CraftStones Showroom, we learnt that wall design can be so Simple with CraftStones.

Thus this concludes why, we have Double Confirmed using CraftStone for our very own featured wall at our Dinning area (Café style) and Balcony area (Garden feel).

So let’s take a quick look at our wall before designing:


Dining area:




Just base on the pictures, isn’t it an obvious choice to give the white walls a Special Touch?


Given the huge living room, HER evil thought came naturally to extend our master room into the living room, in order to Create her very own WALK-IN Wardrobe.

Well for him, there isn’t any objection option available. However the built-up wall comes at the right spot to
Create his very own BRICKWALL

Our Dining Our Café
We have used Calcium Silicate material to build the extended wall so that our CraftBricks can hold on it
Tips: Reinforcement metal bone or wooden block is needed for stronger partition wall foundation


Next: Calcium silicate wall is up & ready to give Craftstone team a “Heads up”


Our Balcony Our Garden

As the balcony is rather simple & empty; we took a more straightforward approach to design and CraftStone LineaireStone is our wisest choice!

Of course by having only LineaireStone on the two walls is not enough. We went experimentary by laying carpet grass on with the LineaireStone to make our balcony Greener and more Garden-feel.

Our Artistes’ impressions – Middle full length carpet (left) and Random carpet design (right)


On the installation day, as early as 8am, our Craftstone Team is already here (Earlier than us)


All the BrickWall Ingredients have arrived!


Tips: Before laying the Craftbrick on your wall, make sure you do a layout preview like us

craftbrick-CSI-094-Citrus-and-CSI-096-ManhattanFor us, we wanna Get Bold and Wild so we did a Random Mix of CSI 094 Citrus and CSI 096 Manhattan

Here we go the 3 Simple Steps to install the Craftbricks:


1st: Paint a layer of adhesive liquid
2nd: Apply a layer of special cement
3rd: Lay the Craftbricks


How about Balcony?


Before CraftStone is here, MY had provided some markings with shelving installed so that CraftStone team knows the exact location of the carpet grass & the LineaireStone CSI 204 Silver Grey


Unlike CraftBricks, LineaireStone comes in 3 different sizes per box which make it better for our random design of CraftStone LineaireStone and carpet grass.

Lastly, one of the main icons – The Carpet Grass is here



craftstone-installation1 craftstone-installation2 craftstone-installation3
Tips: Unlike installation on calcium silicate wall, multiple holes are required to strengthen the holding grip of the veneer stones on concrete wall Next: 2nd: Apply a layer of special cemen Last: Lay the LineaireStones

So SIMPLE too right??

Not exactly


We thought that laying of carpet grass on the wall would be a simpler job for the team. However, we realise that our simple design requires great team work, years of experience & master skill to get the best design out of it.

grass-installation1 grass-installation2 grass-installation3
Supporting poles are required to support the top stones Installing dry board in order to let the carpet grass project out evenly with the LineaireStone. Finally lay the grass!
hoosing-the-right-size Cutting-the-LineaireStone setting-up-the-dry-board
Choosing the right size Cutting the LineaireStone if size don’t fit our design Lastly setting up the dry board for carpet grass installation

So, it is really a hard earned money for them just to make sure that we are happy with the designs *KUDOS*

And after 1.5 days of hardwork (damn efficient), let’s

Feel the Touch See the Difference!

 Dining – Before



Balcony – Beforecraftstone-balcony-area

After – LOVE IT!

Just some simple shot of our newly done up Dining and Balcony space, it speaks all for before and after effect.
The Special Touch real refreshing styles and helps to relax the drained minds of people like us.
Let’s check out the installation video =)

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Written by MYPS. Do email to us at if you wish to know more details on our renovation.


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