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A Couple’s Decision to DIY their Home Renovation (part 6)

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Chapter 6 – Filling in the blank of your kitchen

For most of the house renovation, when the carpentry in the kitchen is up, it’s time to load your kitchen equipments.

And so we have arranged Rinnai to be here at our home to help us to Fill in the Blank!

Tips: Knowing Your Kitchen Equipment dimension before doing your carpentry is a MUST!

After visiting Rinnai, we found out that it is always better to get our built-in kitchen equipment dimension before doing the carpentry works.

Reason: Carpentry work is Make- to-Measure (Sound like doing wedding gown) and therefore, we can tailor to the dimension to our desired equipment.

Of course, we did not carry the equipments for our carpenter to measure. All we did is to ask Rinnai for the dimension and send to our carpenter:


So all in all, we decided on the below items from Rinnai;

  1. RH-S319-PBR-T– Slim Hood
  2. RB-2Gi – Hob
  3. RO-E6208TA-EM – Oven

The Rinnai team delivered the products on the agreed schedule. And both of us are full of anticipation to see the items and complete our kitchen look.

oven-RO-E6208TA-EMHere’s come our oven RO-E6208TA-EM


rinnai-oven-installationThank to Rinnai and our Carpenter, our oven fits nicely to our cabinet


Tips: As shown in the left picture, if you want to install a hidden socket in the cabinet for the oven (i.e. control by a main switch outside), Do Remember to leave some allowance for the plug.

Otherwise, you may face a tiny space problem to fit the oven into the cabinet.

We face that problem but manage to resolve it. So Don’t Repeat our Mistake =)

Next, our slim hood installation.

slim-hood-installationTips: Remember to ask your carpenter to leave a hole & electrician to leave a socket for the hood’s cable


Finally MY’s favourite inner flame hob

rinnai-hob-installationSecure and make sure everything is in placed!

A final education is conducted to ensure we know how to use and maintain Rinnai products







Given PS’s character, she really really loves to invite guests to her house (even before she married) for gathering, so it is important to have a BIG oven to have her food cook in a faster way, bigger portion and easiest method.

Having this oven is really her biggest pressie! This oven simply Huge (70Litre) to cook, Beautiful (Sleek Black design matches our kitchen appliances), Easy to use (touch, tune and cook). And she already starts surfing food recipes to show off her oven =/


The hood is a “Touch control”. Turning on the hoob, lighting and timer are so simple. Basically just Touch and Select, you are ready to go!


Why we are showing this picture?

This shows the charcoal filters in the hood after removing the aluminium grease filter. What we learnt from Rinnai is that the purpose of the filter is to eliminate impurities. These could be easily replaced at Rinnai customer care centre after a long term usage.

Aluminium grease filters are advised to be cleaned every 4 weeks, depending on the frequency of the appliances used. It can be easily removed by pressing on a catch and pulling down at the same time.

Washing it is as easy as soaking it in warm detergent solutions to remove the grease.

The hood fits in well and it enhanced the whole look of our kitchen.

Here’s come MY equipment – RB-2Gi

Rinnai-hidden-battery-socketWithout compromising the ease of changing the battery, Rinnai has the battery socket hidden below which makes the cooker hob design a clean finish!!

You would probably be concerned about the cleaning part of the hob in scenarios of spill over specially in taking out the iron trivet as shown below?

Well even though Rinnai allows you to remove everything, but cleaning can be simplified by like this:

This inner flame hob comes with an inner cup design which can be easily lifted up to pour off the waste. So, there is no need to remove the iron trivet to lift the inner cup which is more convenient and easier comparing to my parents’ normal hob.

Well done Rinnai!!


After seeking advice from our parents, a 2-burner hob is more than enough for both of us. We are not MASTER CHEF participating the pressure test and our pots would probably not fit in a 3 or more burner.

We definitely love the best selling point of this hob, “THE INNER FLAME” technology. The purpose of this design is to create steadier heat combustion producing the highest heat efficiency. It therefore requires less gas consumption yet heat up the food FASTER as compared to the normal ordinary burner.

After using for 2 weeks now, we are proud to say we have made a wise choice and we have gained slightly a bit of body weight?

Remember Good Food Gets Cooked, Good Mood Gets Hooked?

And you can see, She is Hooked!


Happy Reading while We Happy Cooking!

To find out more on Rinnai products, you can visit their website at

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Written by MYPS. Do email to us at if you wish to know more details on our renovation.


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