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A Couple’s Decision to DIY their Home Renovation (part 5)

Following up from Previous Posts: A Couple’s Decision to DIY their Home Renovation (part 1)(part 2), (part 3.1), (part 3.2), (part 4)

Chapter 5 – Good food gets cooked & Good mood gets hooked

Do you know that Kitchen is the heart of a home? It’s where good food gets cooked and good mood gets hooked. [Note to Ladies: A hungry man is an angry man]

More & more cafes today are established by youngster, and this shows that cooking has becoming a rising interest amongst the new generation.

Therefore in our bid to stay young and happy, let’s place a stronger emphasis in Kitchen equipment now!

Like many of other homeowners, we have fundamental questions when choosing the right and practical appliances, and here are our top 3 criteria:

Our Top 3 criteria

Budget – Work within our means more than getting a superb high-end equipment.
User friendly – It’s good to get the latest technology, but it is even better to own a friendly one.
Design – Affordable & User- friendly are not enough, great design is equally crucial as you see it > using it!

To achieve affordable, practical and nice design kitchen equipments definitely makes the whole purchasing experience a greatest accomplishment.

After seeking advices from elderly and friends, there is one brand that we quote as “The Generations Choice”.

She is none other than rinnai-logo, a 96 years old brand!!!

A Brand that has been through many generations definitely Make a Mark on Stability & Continuous Innovation to their customers. Naturally, our elder generation (even our flat seller) recommended to us!!

Check it out!

Whenever we decided on a Brand, we always hit their showroom to find out more.

So Rinnai is no exception and we are here!


Over @ Rinnai showroom, you can see that there are many new models to lookout for!


And this will happen:


While she is scratching her head! Two Rinnai SMEs, Stanley and Andy are already standing beside Him~~~

Their First key question to us = “what is your cooking habits?”
{Tips: Knowing your Cooking Habit help them to identify which equipment suits you the most!}

So Simple:

Him: A Zhi-Char Uncle going-to-be [loves the wok-hei scent and the kin-kong sound]
Her: A Baker cum Roasting Chef wannabe

Cooking frequency: 3-4 days per week
Cuisine type: Stir fry and Baking+Roasting
Special Occasion: 10-12pax gathering every fortnightly

And their recommendation:

A Patented Gas hob for Him – Rinnai’s Inner Flame

Insert Model no. RB-2GI Our Checkout rating: 5 is the best


stanley-guiding-homeownerStanley, the SME guiding us on inner flame products


changing-batteryYou don’t need a fire gun, just change the battery & it will work.

Affordable: √√√√
Price is S$800, below than we have expected!Not just that!
Rinnai’s inner flame is a patented technology where its aluminium air inlet frame provides steadier heat combustion producing the highest heat efficiency while its concentrated point of flame distributes even heat.Saves energy = Saves time = Save Bills
User friendly: √√√√

  • Just Tune and Start.
  • Cleaning is easy as 1,2,3
    [Takeup, Clean, Put back]
  • Powerful & controllable evenly distributed heats
  • High heat efficiency & Less Heat retention on pot handles compared to normal burner!
  • Perfect simmer control, superb for soup cooking
Design: √√√√

  • Classy black tempered glass & Sleekness design
  • Love the battery being hide below unlike my parent’s house stove (See picture below)



Why Gas hob and not Induction?

1st: Cheaper than Induction and will not affect the Ampere of the house electricity
2nd: Wok-Hei scent + Kin-Kong sound
3rd: Food tastes better with fire cooked than induction (BEST is cooked by CHARCOAL)



Initially, we always wanted a Chimney in our kitchen but…..
We are lucky to be here with Stanley and Andy as they prompted us an IMPORTANT question.


beam-kitchen-wallrinnai-chimney-discussion Stanley, looking at how the Chimney can be installed on our beam based on our pictures in the mobile phone. While Andy explaining to her the suction effects.

rinnai-chimney-discussion2 Stanley explaining to us the possible solution is to laser cut the metal cover but will affect the suction performance.

Tips: With this tiny beam, it will make your Chimney more challenging!


Many home owners did not consider the kitchen beam when purchasing their chimney. It’s only after their purchase; they encounter the problem of installing on the beam.
~Quote from Stanley & Andy the SME~



So We think it is IMPORTANT TO YOU TOO!



By looking at the picture, isn’t it obvious that it is challenging if we wants chimney on a beam?

So if you don’t mind lesser suction power, don’t mind spending more money on laser cutting the metal cover, go for Chimney.



So We Decided to Get a Range Hood!


Our solution: the Slim Sleek but Powerful Hood for us – the Latest Design


Insert Model no. RH-S319-PBR-T Our Checkout rating: 5 is the best

rinnai-RH-S319-PBR-T hoob-chimney-performance
Showing us Slim hood can also achieve chimney performance

Demonstrating to us how Rinnai Charcoal filter works and cleaning can be so simple!

Affordable: √√√√

  • It is ONLY S$420!!!!! for latest products!!!
User friendly: √√√√

  • It’s not Press but TOUCH CONTROL! WOOO!!!
  • With Air Recirculation to give Fresh Air output!
Design: √√√√√

  • The Slim design makes our kitchen looks classy!
  • Generally, range hood are thick but this one makes a great difference!


BIG OVEN for her – The latest Rinnai Model


Insert Model no. RO-E6208TA-EM Our Checkout rating: <More √ = Better>



Affordable: √√√√√

  • BIG OVEN at SGD810, WORTH IT!!!
    Don’t get when then?
User friendly: √√√√√

  • Touch, Tune and Start so simple
  • WOW 8 functions
    [Conventional heating, Grill & Fan, Bottom Heater and Fan (delicate Mode), Upper Heater, Bake (3D Hot Air), Defrost, Full Surface Grill, Oven Light] – Even our grandma knows how to use!

=( No self-cleaning* technology but still easy to clean! Just use a clean cloth and wipe it off!

*Self-cleaning technology is a technology convert the oil residuals to ashes for easy clean; so you still need to wipe the ashes off yah.
Design: √√√√

  • Simple & Sleek
  • Extra LARGE 70L (A big Turkey? No problem!)
  • Glass touch control
  • 5 Shelf positions


Does electricity trip occur to you when oven is on after few months later?? Tips: Just on your oven for 10mins once every 3 week. Don’t on it for nothing, cook something!

5 Key notes for you:

  1. Knowing your cooking habits = Getting a suitable kitchen appliances (e.g. Chimney is good for heavy cooking but do note that Kitchen beam plays an important factor)
  2. Do on your oven every 3 weeks to prevent electricity trip. (Cook something, Don’t on for Nothing)
  3. Do note that HDB has limited ampere. (Want dual induction hob? It might cause electric trip too. So Get Inner flame hob for Great efficiency!)
  4. Installation of Kitchen appliances should come after the completion of table top and carpentry. (All product guides come with its dimension, let your carpenter knows before executing your carpentry)
  5. After service for Rinnai – All spare products can be easily requisite from Rinnai showroom. (Just Ring Rinnai for the spare parts and Check it out)



Rating for our experience @ Rinnai

Location – 4 Stars very easy to go
Customer Service – 5 Stars [Great knowledge, VERY Patient & understanding + Active Suggestion & Solution]
Range of products – 5 Stars [Don’t see it’s small you will get what you want]

In the next blog, we will show you the installation process and our heart of our house!

Remember Good Food Gets Cooked, Good Mood Gets Hooked!
Our Generations Choice: Rinnai


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Written by MYPS. Do email to us at if you wish to know more details on our renovation.


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