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8 window treatments every homeowner should know

Window treatments are a great way to inject your own unique style and finishing touches to the home interior design. In fact, you should know that window treatments are not only limited to curtains. There are actually many different types of window treatments that you can consider! So, here are 8 basic window treatments and style tips which you should know.



#1. Roman shades

Unlike vertical shades or blinds, when Roman shades are opened by a cord, they will be stacked up evenly, accordion style and not ribbed. Roman shades are made of one continuous piece of fabric.

Tip: Roman shades are versatile since they are available in soft and feminine designs or masculine and tailored ones.



#2. Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades are excellent as window treatments covering for blocking sound, light and insulate heat from the sun. This because the cell shapes of the honeycomb shades hold trapped air, which creates an insulation between the window and the room.

Tip: Honeycomb shades keep the room cool on hot days and warm in the cool days. In addition, compared to other window treatments, honeycomb shades are a superior insulator of sound and light.



#3. Horizontal Shades

Horizontal shades are made up of slats which are suspended horizontally on cords and are usually manoeuvred manually. When the shades are in a closed position, the slats will overlap to block out most of the light.

Tip: Horizontal shades are suitable for many types of interior design since they are available in many types of finishing such as fabric, plastic and metal. In addition, since horizontal shades are very versatile, they can also be used as dividers for home interiors.



#4. Vertical Shades

Unlike horizontal blinds, vertical blinds are drawn to the side. Vertical blinds are suitable for many types of interior design since they are available in many types of finishing such as fabric, plastic and metal.

Tip: Vertical shades are easier to maintain since they are less likely to collect dust. 



#5. Panel track blinds

Panel track blinds are made of movable fabric panels that are mounted to the wall or ceiling. When panel track blinds slide in open position, they will stack neatly on one side. Therefore, panel track blinds are ideal solutions for sliding glass doors and covering patio doors.

Tip: Panel track blinds are easy to operate. Their simple designs are suitable for minimalist and Japanese home interior designs.



#6. Roller blinds

Roller blinds are window shades which are rolled up onto a cylinder. They are available in many designs and finishing, with blackout and light-filtering options and even flame-resistant fabric for roller blinds installation in the kitchen. Roller blinds can be manually or motorized operated.

Tip: Roller blinds are easy to install and low maintenance.



#7. Solar film

The solar film is a thin laminate installed on the interior of a window and is an effective, cost-effective solution to block ultraviolet rays in order to regulate heat loss and gain in the home interiors.

Tip: Reduction in the ultra-violet rays from the sun helps to stop the damage to the flooring, furniture and furnishings. Aside from reducing solar glare, it provides privacy too.



#8. Stained glass window film

The stained glass window film injects colours to an otherwise boring room. It provides added privacy without blocking the view.

Tip: Stain glass window films come in many types of designs. In addition, they throw interesting, dynamic coloured light patterns throughout the room, throughout the day when the sunlight passes through.



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