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8 Ways to Prettify Your Home Using Frames

Frames are incredibly versatile. You can hang them or prop them up on a stand, repaint them in any colour to suit your decor, and choose from so many designs and finishes. Some frames are so intricately designed, that they become art themselves. Here are eight ways you can use frames to bring instant glam to your home!



1. As a new way to display photographs

Have several standard-size frames? Instead of a predictable gallery wall, try combining them into a single display piece.

Source: Thistlewood Farm

Here, smaller frames are arranged into a gallery wreath that adds much more interest than neatly arranged picture frames, and with some spray paint, you can even customise it to your desired look.


2. As gorgeous mirror frames

Other than artwork, your stunning reflection is something else you can feast your eyes on. We’re not talking about the usual mirror frames. In order to prettify the home, choose exquisite frames with decorative detail. Mix and match different shapes and designs, and feel free to dedicate an entire wall to these.

By using mirrors instead of pictures, there are two advantages: One, you don’t have to coordinate the photographs. Two, mirrors reflect light in your room and make it look brighter and larger!

Source: Cimots



3. As clock frames

While you can also frame your clocks in exquisite frames, try creating a wall clock feature with a collection of photo frames. It doesn’t matter if they’re different-sized; in fact, you can even experiment with quirky arrangements that may end up looking wonderful on your wall.

Source: Photojojo

Source: Shelterness


4. As a memo board

Instead of boring old borders, place a memo board within the frame and use it as the centrepiece of wherever you choose to place it, the kitchen, living room or entryway. Memo boards are by themselves multi-functional—they’re used for reminder notes, designating chores, and even as inspiration boards. Just by switching out the usual rectangular frame for a prettier frame, they become wall art to dress up your walls.

Source: iHeart Organizing

A chalkboard version makes jotting things down easy. Source: Love It So Much


5. As a personalised room divider

For one-of-a-kind room dividers, prop up or hang a wall-height picture frame from the ceiling and fit in a sheet of your choice. It’s wholly up to you what you want to use, from fabrics to artworks to wallpapered boards. And if you love gigantic mirrors but are running out of places to place them, this is a good way to utilise them too!

Source: Dig House Design

Turn your screen divider into a photo gallery. Source:


6. As installation art

Known for their pretty borders, it’s no wonder that frames have been used by artists to create their installation pieces. While huge installations would be impractical for homes, you can consider smaller art pieces to give your home some artistic flair. Take inspiration from these examples:

Have a multi-storey home? How about a rainbow stairway, made from off-cut pieces of picture frames? Source: Inhabitat

It isn’t hard to imagine these pretty rainbows on our walls at all. Source: Art Practical


7. As headboards for your bed

Perhaps you never thought of your bed as something that can be framed, but just like eyebrows, the headboard makes the bed frame look complete. Dress it up by adding a pretty frame along its borders.

Source: Sunset

Source: Better Homes and Gardens


8. As trays

This one doesn’t even need any DIY; all you need is to take a picture frame and lay it down on the table. If the backing is plain, make your tray decorative by inserting a piece of fabric or scrapbook paper behind the glass!

Source: Decor-Eat

Source: PotatoFeed

In many Singaporean homes, the main wall feature tends to be a family photo, specially taken at a studio and proudly displayed. “Quan Jia Fu” celebrate a significant family milestone, and so it’s not surprising that this treasured photograph is specially framed as well.

Because the picture frame plays such an important role in accentuating what it holds, art collectors and appreciators like to use well-made frames to enhance the display of their treasured art pieces. Other than ready-made frames, there are customisation services available. One of them is Merlin, a local frame maker and art gallery. Certificates, jigsaw puzzles, and even 3D items like musical instruments are some of the items that Merlin creates custom frames for. With expertise in conservation framing and the application of acid-free, anti-UV methods, Merlin also makes sure your prized artworks stay in pristine condition.



To understand more about Merlin’s services, we speak with Chloe Cai, Business Development Manager of Merlin Frame Maker & Art Gallery Pte Ltd.

1. What is the unique selling point of Merlin frames?
Merlin allows our customers great flexibility in terms of the customization of our frames. Most people have the misconception that if they bring something in for framing, the process ends when they choose their one frame. However, we always tell our customers that our conservation framing process is an art in itself. Each frame is selected and designed to bring out the best of the framed piece, complement the item and become a magnificent piece of décor in its own right. The frames we make are unique to each customer.

2. Have you met customers who purchased your frames for purposes other than framing photos/art?
Certainly. People come to us to frame all sorts of things from artworks to photographs to 3D objects. They often use our frames as a design element of their home décor, too. For example, framing an entire wall as a feature wall, fitting our Victorian style frames as borders on glass doors, mirror borders on objects, furniture, and et cetera.

3. How would you recommend frames to a customer who wishes to get an artwork framed?
Our frame consultant will meet up with the customer to view the item that wants framing. They will discuss certain factors that must be taken into consideration, such as the design or style, size, material, venue of display, and budget.

4. What is your price range?
Our prices vary based on the type and size of each frame, and other special requirements each customer might have.

Source: Merlin

With a little bit of creativity and an eye for aesthetics, you can use picture frames to frame literally anything you want. Do you see frames in a new light?

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