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Not Only a Dressing: 8 Ways Curtains, Blinds and Shades are More Than Just Window Furnishings

If you think curtains, blinds and shades are just for draping over your windows, think again. While they are traditionally used as a decorative window furnishing, there are plenty other ways to use them in your home. Go beyond the obvious with these design ideas:


1. As room dividers

Curtains are great for delineating the different zones in a home without taking up too much floor space. Use them in lieu of concrete walls to create two different areas in one space.

A curtain separates the workstation from the sleeping quarters in this bedroom, essential for a good quality of sleep without distractions.

Design: Distinctidentity

The study room is kept apart from the living room with curtains. The light material ensures that daylight and ventilation are still able to pass through.

Design: Ehka Studio

Curtains are drawn out when an open space is warranted, but closed when the homeowners want to zone off the different areas in the home.

Design: Wynk Collaborative

mc2 offers a wide range of fabric choices for your curtains so you can get one that is suited for your home.


2. Keeping the elements (sunlight/rain/dust) out

Besides decorating your windows, curtains, blinds and shades can contain properties that help to keep out the harsh outside elements. Blackout window furnishings, for instance, block out unwanted sunlight. It’s a great choice for homes that get the afternoon sun as it helps to keep your interiors cool, or for bedrooms that need to be kept dark in order to be conducive for sleeping.

Blackout curtains help to keep your home cool by keeping out unwanted sunlight.

Design: The Interior Lab

Opaque shades keep out the sun from this bedroom.

Design: VOILÀ

Certain window furnishings can also keep out the rain and dust. Local retailer mc2 carries a range of blinds named the Altex SecureZIP blinds that shields your home from the sun, rain and dust borne by strong winds. The blinds are thus exceptionally suited for balcony areas. The best part? They can also keep your air-conditioning in so you can turn your balcony into a conducive dining or lounging area!

Extend the use of your balcony with Altex SecureZIP blinds, which keep out unwanted rain, sunlight and dust while keeping your air-conditioning in.


3. For privacy

Window furnishings are also useful for protecting your privacy against prying neighbours. Blackout types provide the ultimate privacy, but if you don’t want to compromise on natural daylight from entering your home, go for shades with a sheer fabric or blinds which can be angled to let light filter in.

Blinds can be partially opened to invite light in while still retaining your privacy.

Design: Museworks

These honeycomb shades from Hunter Douglas (the full range is available at mc2) provide a versatile feature which allows the shade to either be fixed to the top of the window or lowered to the window sill, giving you privacy while still allowing light to come in from the top.


4. To create a distraction-free zone

Window furnishings can also be used to cordon off a small section of your home to keep distractions at bay.

Blinds were used to keep the dressing table area away from the sleeping quarters in this bedroom.

Design: VOILÀ

The study area was sectioned off with blinds to create a more conducive workstation

Design: Ehka Studio

Roller shades help to close off the study room to keep away distractions, but they can be opened to reveal a bright and open space.

Design: Distinctidentity


5. As an alternative to wardrobe doors

If you’re short on square footage, window furnishings can provide a good alternative to conventional hinged wardrobe doors as they don’t require as much floor space.

In order to save space in this bedroom, thick draperies – matching the ones that were hanging off the windows – were used to close off the recessed wardrobe.

Design: Box.ID Studio

Curtains close off a part of this closet, which stashes the homeowner’s main wardrobe essentials.

Design: Space Sense Studio

Black roller shades were used in place of closet doors in this studio apartment.

Design: 19sixtyseven

Also available at mc2, Hunter Douglas window solutions can be equipped with a Vertiglide operating system that lets you open it from side-to-side, which makes it a great alternative for your wardrobe doors.


6. To create a cosy atmosphere

Soft window furnishings like curtains provide a cosy and homey ambience, great if you’re looking to soften the look of your space. Surrounding a bed for instance with billowy curtains can create a dreamy bedroom milieu.

Soft daylight curtains section off the bedroom entrance from the bed, creating an intimate setting.

Design: 0932 Design Consultants

The bedroom is enveloped in luxurious red velvet curtains, offering up a romantic and lavish appearance.

Design: Distinctidentity


7. As a feature wall

mc2 also carries these gorgeous vertical blinds from Japanese brand Toso, which reflects light and gives off a different appearance when viewed from different angles.
Toso has a wide range of beautiful window furnishings that can serve as the focal point for your space.


8. As a headboard

Window furnishings can also serve as an alternative to your headboard. Not only is this a great way to keep off the light and shade some privacy to your sleeping space, especially if you bed is set right in front of a window, it can also create a cosier milieu in your boudoir.

Blinds are fitted to the bed’s main frame and the top of the window, tripling as a sunshade, privacy screen and headboard.

Design: Richfield Integrated

For more information about mc2 and their wide range of window solutions, visit


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