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8 Unique Renovation Ideas to Jazz up your Abode!

Home renovation is probably the biggest home improvement project that any homeowner like you can embark upon. In fact, since so many resources are invested in setting up your dream home, it is only natural that you do not wish to end up with an uninspiring abode with cookie cutter design.

Nevertheless, if you have ran out of ideas on how to make your home stand out, then perhaps these stimulating ideas might give you some inspiration!

Well, without further ado, here are 8 design ideas that ooze with innovation and creativity! 🙂

♥ #1  Illuminate with LED Lights  
LED lighting is energy efficient and have a longer life. Furthermore, since each LED light strip can be cut to the needed length easily, LED lights are suitable for the most challenging corners of your home.

unique-renovation-ideas_01Image from hitlights

unique-renovation-ideas_02 Image from homedit

unique-renovation-ideas_11Image from archiproducts

♥ #2  Layout Lights in the most Unexpected Manner  
Think out of the box! Lights need not always hung from the ceiling. In this illustration, instead of ceiling lighting, guide the lamp wires across the wall with wall pegs to create this subtle geometric lighting theme.


unique-renovation-ideas_042Images from home-designing

♥  #3   Multi-functional Decorative Feature  ♥
Decorative feature is useful in establishing a focal point within the room. In fact, aside as a decorative feature, it can also double up as other practical usage too! In this example, the sleek decorative wooden headboard feature also includes lighting too!


unique-renovation-ideas_032Images from qdaily

 #4  Make a Bold Statement in Your Bathroom – with a Uniquely Designed Basin  ♥
A unique basin gives a modern twist to any mundane bathroom. In fact, the bathroom basin need not be in the form of a conventional white porcelain sink. Yes! There is actually no dearth of options to choose from!


unique-renovation-ideas_05Images from beautifullife

unique-renovation-ideas_061Images from svpply

♥  #5  Rethink the Form and Function of Home Essentials  ♥
Mundane everyday consumable home essentials, when coupled with ingenious designs, can also make an impactful statement when they are proudly displayed in its rawest form.



unique-renovation-ideas_08Images from blog.gessato

♥   #6  Celebrate the Elements of Nature, in the most Unexpected Manner  ♥
Incorporate the elements of nature such as wood in your home interior design in the most unusual way. For instance, an uneven raw, unprocessed slab of wood can be used as barn-styled doors, bed headboard or even as shelves.

unique-renovation-ideas_09Image from traditionalhome

unique-renovation-ideas_10Image form thegirlwiththelittlecurl


unique-renovation-ideas_112Images from  archdaily

unique-renovation-ideas_07Image from

♥   #7  Ceiling is the 5th Wall   ♥
Ceiling designs need not be boring white and flat. A great ceiling design makes your dream home unique and leaves an indelible impression in the minds of your visitors. In fact, different colors and textures on the ceiling can affect the height of the space.

unique-renovation-ideas_12Image from archilovers

unique-renovation-ideas_13Image from lemanoosh

unique-renovation-ideas_17Image from shelterness

♥   #8  Elegant and Stylish Ways to Divide Space   ♥
Wall partitions are useful for rearranging the layout and functionality of a space. Apart from dividing rooms and making more efficient use of the space, they also function as decorative accent pieces to add character to the room. There are many ways to make the wall partition stand out. In this example, aside from the fingerprint like wired partition, using plants as partitions are also gaining popularity. The wall partition can also be as simple as a curtain of hanging planters or in the form of vines that climb up ropes to create an indoor green partition.

unique-renovation-ideas_14Image from blog.kimberlykrall

unique-renovation-ideas_15Image from home-designing

unique-renovation-ideas_18Image from architecturendesign

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