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8 Things Homeowners Frequently Overlooked When Purchasing Their First Refrigerator!

The refrigerator is the true workhorse of the kitchen and one of the most important appliances for your home. Therefore, aside from what you need to know about the various refrigerator types, a simple refrigerator buying guide and a list of 5 common misconceptions when it comes to buying a refrigerator, we have also compiled a list of 8 common pitfalls that homeowners like you should watch out for!


1. Air Ventilation Matters

Many homeowners made the common mistake of getting a refrigerator that fits exactly into the kitchen “lobang” (read: gap). As the refrigerator needs plenty of gaps around it to allow the heat to dissipate, you should set aside at least 10 cm behind and around 5 cm around the unit for plenty of air ventilation for the compressor to breathe. Otherwise, you will risk over heating the compressor and overheats the motor, which will shorten the lifespan of the refrigerator.

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2. Set Aside Adequate Clearance For Moving

The measurements of the living room door, kitchen doorway and the distance around the kitchen island (if any) matters too. Since the refrigerator has to navigate through these obstacles before reaches its final “resting” place, you have to make sure that the refrigerator is able to clear these measurements too.

Design: D’Atlaz Interior


3. Gross Vs Net Storage Capacity

Almost of the homeowners knows to purchase the refrigerator based on the family size; a small family of 3-4 will need around refrigerator storage capacity of 300 to 400 liters, while a bigger family will need at least a 500 liters refrigerator. However, not many realize that there is a distinction between the published gross and net capacity of the refrigerator, and knowing this difference will prevent any refrigerator selection mishaps. Gross capacity refers to the total capacity of the refrigerator and this includes the structural walls of the refrigerator. Therefore, the gross capacity is always higher than the net capacity of the refrigerator. Remember that only net capacity matters since it refers to the actual capacity that can be used to store the food.

Design: 96 Designers Group


4. More Compartments = Bigger Space Needed

Once a refrigerator has more compartments, its net capacity is usually smaller when compared to another refrigerator of similar external dimensions. The increased dimension is due to the additional insulation, walls that need to be built around the compartments. Hence, what this means to you is that you need to set aside a larger space for your multi-compartment refrigerator of the same net capacity.

Design: White Corporate


5. Fancy Cool Features – Yay or Nay?

It is certainly tempting to get the latest refrigerator with cool water dispenser, “door-in-a-door” styled compartments and digital touch screens. However, these additional bells and whistles comes with additional costs and maintenance too! For instance, the water dispenser needs to be cleaned regularly to keep away water calcification and algae from growing, the digital touch screen will become unresponsive over time. Furthermore,  features like “door-in-a-door” style refrigerator will actually result in warmer-than-average temperatures. Hence, you should consider carefully whether these features are a must before getting them.

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6. Warranty for Compressor Matters More!

Since the compressor is the most expensive component to repair or replace, the recommended warranty period for the compressor should be at least 10 years. The costs of replacing a compressor are approximately $600 and more, depending on the brand and model. The warranty period for the rest of the refrigerator parts is usually 1 to 2 years. Hence, always try to negotiate for a longer warranty period for the compressor.

Design: 9 Creation


7. Hidden Charges for Delivery

Most homeowners are unaware that they need to top up additional charges for the refrigerator delivery charges. For instance, some stores charge additional fee of $20.00 per floor for walk up apartments. Nevertheless, there are also stores that offer free delivery (albeit to lift landing only).

Design: The Local INN.terior


8. FREE Disposal of Old Refrigerator

If you are replacing your old refrigerator, you will need to dispose your old refrigerator before the new one arrives. Normally, the stores will charge around $50 for the disposal of the existing refrigerator. However, if you live in a HDB estate, do note that our Town Council offers the bulky household furniture removal service on a goodwill basis for the residents. For each month, each unit can get the Town Council to remove up to 3 movable household items for free. Do contact your respective town council for details.

Image from Slinkystudio Info


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