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8 Questions which every Homeowner must ask during the Renovation!

8 qns homeowners must ask during renovation

In my last post, I have covered 14 must ask questions to suss out the suitable renovation professional to helm your project. However, having the right person to be in charge of your renovation merely marks the start of your renovation journey.

In this post, let us take a look at the 8 important questions you must not miss, once your renovation project has kick-started!

Scope of Renovation Work

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1. Has the renovation professional covered all aspects of the renovation, which is stated in the contract?

Double and triple check to ensure that the renovation professional has completed everything included in the renovation contract; yes, that includes the quality of the material and dimension promised!

2. Are the assumptions, which the renovation professional has made, for the renovation cost, scope of work and schedule still valid?

Keep a constant look out for changes that have impacted the renovation assumptions which the renovation professional has made. For instance, if you are aware that the HDB rectification works are going to be delayed, inform the renovation professional immediately.

Renovation project deliverables, payment & schedule

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3. Is the list of completed deliverables of satisfactory standard?

Make an effort to review the workmanship of the deliverable prior making the payment milestone. For instance, there should be no hollow floor and wall tiles and painting works should be uniform and of consistent color.

4. Does the renovation professional stick to the project schedule?

Monitor the project schedule closely to see if the renovation professional is able to adhere to the timeline which both of you have agreed. If the renovation professional keeps on missing the milestones, it might be an indication that the company is not doing well. Hence, you must make preparation to negotiate on the amount of the compensation to be made and consider very carefully on whether if you want to continue with the contract, or look for an alternative renovation professional.

5. Does the renovation professional update you on the status of the renovation project based on the agreed frequency?

If the renovation professional has failed to update you on the project status, do make an effort to remind him or her that frequent updates actually help both of you to identify mistakes early on and make rectification works as soon as possible.

Changes in Renovation Scope

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6. Have you forgotten to include any renovation requirements in the original scope of renovation works?

There are limited types of changes which can be incorporated into the project without causing a delay in the renovation schedule. Hence, it is important that you highlight your additional requirements as soon as possible. Therefore, discuss with the renovation professional on how to incorporate the new additions and get his or her impact assessment for the renovation cost and schedule.

7. Does the renovation professional formalize the changes in the scope of renovation work after the amendments are mutually agreed upon?

Remember that any changes must be documented somewhere! Make sure that either the existing contract is updated with the new scope of work or an email is sent with details of the new amendments. This is to formalize the changes to ensure that there are no contractual disputes.

Tracking of Issues

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8. Do both you and the renovation professional maintain a copy of Issue Tracker?

An issue tracker maintains a list of outstanding issues to be addressed. This helps both of you to keep track of the issue status, agreed upon resolutions and avoid mis-communication during the renovation phase. The entire list of issues tracked should be resolved prior the contract closure.

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These are the 8 absolutely must ask questions during the execution of the renovation project! Feel free to share with us other questions that you find useful! Do have an awesome week ahead! 🙂

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