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8 Post Renovation Regrets which you won’t want to experience the hard way!

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Let me let you in a little secret; almost every homeowners have some post home renovation regrets once their project has wrapped up.

Alamak! I should have done this….”
“Why didn’t I think of that?!”

Nevertheless, fret not! You can still learn from their past mistakes if you are in the early stages of your home remodeling. Hence, here is a list of 8 renovation lessons which the homeowners wished they have known before they embark upon their renovation journey.

#1. Do your homework

Designer: Museum Homes

There is a saying that “Failing to plan is planning to Fail!” In fact, planning is an essential step for any renovation project. The areas which you need to plan ahead include setting aside a reasonable budget, establishing a realistic timeline and finding a reliable home renovation professional. Although scouring for a home renovation professional can be challenging due to the numerous renovation scams which are on the raise recently, there are reputable renovation portals which provide the contacts of a list of authentic renovation professionals.

Aside from planing, beefing up your understanding on basic renovation matters should be next in your to-do-list. You can start by reading up extensively on renovation tips and tricks. By arming yourself with some renovation knowledge, you would be in a better position to make informed decisions which would save you from making costly and time-consuming mistakes.

#2. Remember that functionality, practicality & maintainability matters

Designer: Inside Living

Although aesthetic does matter, functionality, practicality and maintainability should top your list when it comes to deciding the interior style! Functionality focuses on ‘how’ the design works and practicality based on what issues or problems the design “should” or “ought” to address. What about maintainability? In this context, maintainability refers to the ease and speed with which your home can be restored to its original pristine condition. Hence, certain interior designs might mean more effort to upkeep. Case in point? Leaving a gap between the ceiling and the cabinet top for lightning effects looks trendy in showrooms; having large, cushy carpet in the living room looks very fashionable too. Nevertheless, such designs are actually dust magnets! Therefore, always check with your renovation professionals on the efforts needed to upkeep the renovation design that they have proposed.

#3. Ask for samples

Designer: LemonFridge Studio

Always remember that samples are your best friend! This is because you can get to visualize, feel and even abuse the samples in order to test the durability of the product. This is important for you to gauge whether the material can hold up to the daily regime of wear and tear in our everyday usage.

Therefore, the types of samples which you should get hold of can range from laminates, counter-top materials, tiles to wood samples and so on. In particular, if you are looking at a wood grained or marble laminate design, always request for a larger piece of sample so that you can have a better idea how the entire design looks like.

#4. Nitty gritty details may derail your renovation project!

Designer: Poetus

Almost all the homeowners know that they need to avoid the expensive mistake of purchasing something that either ends up too big, too small, too high or too low for their home. Hence, they would always equip themselves with a measuring tape and a drawn to scale floor plan.

However, most of the homeowners are not aware that these tools  alone are still insufficient for them to make an informed purchase, as evident from the following conversation below.

“I couldn’t believe this! I have measured the cupboard correctly, so by right the cupboard would fit perfectly in the small nook in my study room. But who would have thought that the protruding floor skirting would make that perfect fit impossible!?!”

Due to the limitations of the 2D floorplan, it is not possible to depict the complete set of information that you need when you need to purchase furniture, electrical appliances or other household items. Hence, you should take down the measurements of the floor skirting, placement of the electrical sockets, structural beams and basically anything that could potentially will affect the placement of the items.

#5. Perform the defect checks twice; one before the home renovation starts and another, right after the renovation ends!

Designer: The Design Ministry

Almost all homeowners will make it a point to perform the defect checks and rectification before the commencement of the renovation. However, only almost a third will perform defects checks right after the home renovation has been completed due to the lack of time. Skipping this vital step would potentially lead to more inconvenience; since your renovation professional have to perform messy rectification works when you have already moved in! Examples of rectification works include replacing hallow or cracked floor or wall tiles.

Hence, it is important that you cater at least 2 working weeks for the defect checks and major rectification works to be completed before you start to move in. If you have a tight deadline to adhere to, remember to discuss with your renovation professionals to give you at least 1 week for you to run though all the defects after you have moved in.

Again, you shouldn’t skim through the nitty gritty details; take time to review all aspects of the renovation work which has been completed. I have came across nails embedded at the bottom of the door which poses safety hazards, missing screws for the carpentry and split ABS laminate trimmings at the bottom of the cabinet doors.

#6. Make and watch your proposed budget

Designer: KWYM Interior Designs

Again, almost 100% of the homeowners would set aside a budget for their home renovation. However, only almost a quarter of the homeowners were able to keep within their proposed budget. This is because unless you have done your homework extensively, you would likely to under budget for your home renovation project. This is because material and manpower costs also fluctuate over time due to the demand and supply.

Furthermore, unforeseen additional renovation works might have to be carried out as the renovation progresses. For instance, a friend of mine has decided to install anti-slip tiles after one of their family members had a bad fall. Therefore, you should always monitor your budget closely and discuss with your renovation professional how to keep within the budget by scoping down certain areas of the renovation works to cater for additional works.

#7. Remember the 3Rs;
Review, Revise and Reflect!

Designer: Linear Space Concepts

Keeping within your renovation budget and timeline would need you to continually review the renovation expenses and time taken. Remember to set aside time to go through these with your renovation professional on a weekly basis once the project has commenced.

This is to ensure that you have sufficient time to revise your budget and timeline if you realize that they are unrealistic. Also, take time to reflect on the areas which can be improved or to anticipate possible issues. For instance, you might have noticed that previously, the renovation professional has not communicated when the lights should be ready before they start the installation. This oversight has caused you unexpected and expensive delays. Hence, since the renovation professional might make the same mistake again, you should remind him to inform you the dates which he has planned for the installation of the ceiling fans. This would allow you to make sufficient arrangements to ensure that the ceiling fans will be delivered on time.

#8. Your renovation needs will change over time

Designer: Luova Project Services

Lastly, remember that your renovation needs will definitely evolve over time. What is trendy and popular right now might not be practical once you have active toddlers running around the house, pets roaming about and so on. With this in mind, you might want to rethink whether the design theme which you have chosen can withstand the test of time and your changing lifestyle needs.

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