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8 Nitty Gritty Renovation Details which Homeowners tend to overlook


Home renovation is likely the biggest and most expensive project that homeowners like you have ever embarked upon. Therefore, it is not surprising that most of you tend to emphasize on bigger renovation items that have most impact on visual and cost.

“The Devil is in the Details.”

However, there are actually quite a few minor areas which should have given more thought to make a significant difference to your home in terms of appearance, efficiency and maintainability and make your home renovation feel complete. Nevertheless, the good news is that these identified areas are easily rectified with simple improvements! Hence, knowing what areas to pay attention to and nail down the details right from the start of the project will certainly save you some time and money!

Without further ado, here are the 8 common areas that you should pay attention to!

#1. How to keep water from trapping at the
Bathroom Ledges

Bathroom ledges tend to trap water and therefore, is a favorite place for mold and grime to thrive and accumulate.


Image from interiorsbystudiom

#2. How to prevent Mold from infesting your bathroom tiles with
Anti Mold Grout Sealant

Wall tile grout is usually porous and therefore, allows water to seep through retains moisture. Mold tends to take root and grow in a hot and humid environment.


Image from interiorsyum

#3. Boring grout lines no more, with an insane range of
Fancy Grout Colors

Grout has been often an overlooked area during the tiling process. There are 2 general approaches when it comes to selecting the color; either match the tile or contrast with the tile. However, the grout color selection has actually expanded to include more fancy colors!


Image from greigedesign


Image from  staffordshiresilicones

#4. How to keep water from trapping at the edge of the
Vanity Countertop

Similar to bathroom ledges, vanity countertop is a place in the bathroom where it tends to trap water. Hence, ensure that the excess water is drained away from the wall by ensuring that the vanity countertop is slightly tilted.


Interior Designer: GS ID

#5. How to make a room appear taller and bigger with
Ceiling Hung Curtains

A poorly hung curtain makes a room appear shorter and smaller.


Interior Designer: GS ID


Image from itsagrandvillelife

#6. How to make a room appear taller and bigger with
Floor to Ceiling Sliding Door

Sliding doors play a pivotal role in saving space for compact apartments. In addition, a floor to ceiling sliding door makes a room appear taller and more spacious.


Image from imaginationforbreakfast

#7. How to maximize storage space with
Suspended Ledges or Drawers

Installing a suspended ledge or drawer ensures that you can still enjoy the scenery while maximizing the storage space in your room.


Interior Designer: Living Gaia

#8. Prevent dust from accumulating in the kitchen with
Tall Kitchen Cabinets

Bringing up the kitchen cabinets all the way to the ceilings will prevent dust from accumulating. This principle applies to all types of carpentry that you intend to install around your apartment.


Interior Designer: Ascenders Design Studio

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