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8 Living Room Renovation Must-Knows for Every Homeowner

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Design: Three-d Conceptwerke

1. Choosing the Right Size (Capacity) for the Air Conditioner

To estimate the British Thermal Units (BTU/hr.) (BTU) size, calculate the size of the room by multiplying the length with the width (both in feet) of the room to be cooled. Then, add together the size of rooms are linked together and are to be cooled together by the air conditioner. Multiply that number with 25 BTU. To get the final figure for the BTU needed; reduce the figure by 10% for heavily shaded room and for living rooms which are warm or come with very high ceilings, increase the BTU by 10-20%.

Design: Icon Interior Design

2. Decorate Functionally with Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are designed to be secured to the walls without the need for ugly braces or brackets. Hence, they function both as works of art and functional display units. Incredibly versatile, they inject visual interest to a bland wall while providing more storage or display solution.


3. The Art of Displaying Art

To avoid straining while viewing the artwork, the artwork has to be strategically placed at the eye level. When decorating with paintings, the scale of the artwork in relation to the size of the room and furniture matters. For instance, a large scale painting or a group of paintings hanging above a large and long couch, will look much better than having a small sized artwork.


4. Up the Ante of Living Room Storage with Artsy Cabinet

For more efficient use of limited space, consider using a small mobile storage cabinet instead. It will help greatly in de-cluttering the living room and keep the living room neat and tidy.


5. TV Viewing Distance Makes a Great Difference

As a general rule of thumb, the distance of the sofa placement away from the TV  is around 1.5 to 2.5 times the size of the diagonal TV screen(with about a 30-degree viewing angle). As an example, having a 40″ TV means that the sofa should be placed approximately 60″ to 100″ away from the screen.

Design: Space Atelier

6. Coffee Table is Not a Must

For tiny apartments, break the rules of traditional furniture arrangements for living rooms, by substituting coffee tables with simple storage ottomans or side cabinets to save precious space.

Design: Make Room

7. Let the Natural Light In

Solar films are specialized window treatments which are especially designed to reduce the effects of the UV from the sun by reducing the heat and improving the energy efficiency. They are very effective in protecting the indoor furnishings against fading and damage from the harmful UV as they keep out the heat.


8. Give your Living Room the Best Sound Treatment

The sound bar is generally the most popular way to upgrade the sound quality from the TV’s standard build-in speakers, as the soundbar is the most affordable option for the homeowners. Nevertheless, hi-tech, wireless and portable speakers are also gaining massive popularity too! This is because they are affordable, compact, mobile and come power packed with many advanced features such as allowing music to stream over the home’s Wi-Fi.


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