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8 Ingenious Ways to Work those Tricky Corners at Home

8 ingenious ways to work those tricky corners at home

As apartments are getting increasingly compact in size, homeowners are finding it more critical than ever to maximize every inch of their home. In fact, turning pockets of small, overlooked spots into functional spaces is one of the most popular ways to achieve this.

Therefore without further ado, here is a list of really amazing ideas to carve out these unused nooks into practical places!

Vertical Storage
Blank corner walls are excellent backdrops for vertical storage in the form of floating shelves and cabinets.

Tip: Thick floating shelves can double up as cabinets for storage too.

Interior Designer: Design 4 Space

Tricky corners_1_1A beautiful Mess

Tricky corners_1_4_1

Tricky corners_1_4_2Decoist

Tricky corners_1_6Etsy

Mobile Charging Station
Your precious smartphones and tablet devices deserve a decent docking or charging pad. However, having a mobile charging station for all these gadgets is one of the most overlooked item during the home renovation. Nevertheless, the good news is that a mobile charging station doesn’t take up a lot of space and a tiny sliver of wall is all it needs!

Tip: Move the electrical point to the same height as the mobile charging station so that the unsightly cables and cords can be easily stowed away.

Tricky corners_2Hi Sugaar Plums Blog

Photo Gallery
It is amazing how ordinary looking walls can be morphed into an eye catching, stylish art gallery of sorts with these unusual photo frames.

Tip: Get your interior professionals to custom make these photo frames!

Tricky corners_3_3Digsdigs

Tricky corners_3_3

Tricky corners_3_7


Message Corner
Instead of a photo gallery, you can transform the empty corner as a message wall to share messages and chalk down reminders.

Tip: DIY your message wall with the blackboard paint from art supply shops such as Art Friend. To make a magnetic chalkboard wall, , just use paint that contains metal pigments.

Interior Designer: DISTINCTidENTITY

Interior Designer: D5 Studio Image

Tricky corners_4Houzz

Tricky corners_4_1

Bathroom Corner
A custom made corner bathroom cabinet helps to store toiletries neatly and thus fully maximize the limited space by putting every inch of the bathroom to good use.

Tip: The bathroom cabinet can also double up as a standing mirror.

Interior Designer: DISTINCTidENTITY

Tricky corners_5_1Inmyownstyle

Tricky corners_5

Tricky corners_5_2Tophomedesigns

Tricky corners_5_3De-lune

Office Study Corner
The unused nook can be transformed into a cozy office or a study corner which is fully equipped with overhanging shelves and desk drawers.

Interior Designer: I-Bridge Design

Tricky corners_7

Tricky corners_7_1Lushome

Corner Lamp
Light up dark corners with these cool, awesome standing lamp designs to add some atmospheric lighting. Such minimalist integrated form suggests that the lamp is part of the architecture of the house instead of being a separate entity.

Tip: Get your interior professionals to custom make one!

Tricky corners_8_2Conceptji

Tricky corners_8_1

Tricky corners_8Wellwelldesigners

Decoration Corner
Hide an awkward corner with decorations to add character to an otherwise, plain unused area.

Interior Designer: 9 Creation

Tricky corners_6_1Apartmenttherapy

Tricky corners_6 Southernhospitalityblog

Hope you enjoyed this post and do share with us your ideas to milk the used corners for more storage and style! Do have a great week ahead! 😉

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