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8 Home Security Tips Before You Go On A Holiday

Soon it’ll be the school holidays and it’s time to start planning your hard-earned vacation! You’ve booked the airline tickets and hotels, planned the itinerary etc. so what’s left to do? Unless you have someone at home to take care of things when you’re not around, it’s advisable for you to take the following security measures.




Don’t Advertise Your Absence

Yes, we know you’re simply aching to tell the world that you’re leaving for your long-awaited holiday on social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter. But please refrain from doing that as burglars are known to scour such sites for information that they can use for their benefit. Even if your profile is locked up and private, you never know if the people you added as friends or followers can be trusted with the information. By all means, share your excitement about the trip but do it only after the trip.


Remember To Turn Off All Appliances

This goes without saying; you should unplug all appliances to avoid an accidental spark that can set off an unwanted fire or protect your appliances from sudden outages. For appliances such as the refrigerator, it is probably better to leave it running if you’re only going to be away for a week or so. A longer trip of a month or more, however, means that you should get rid of any perishables and unplug the refrigerator altogether. Otherwise, it’s good to have someone trustworthy to check on your home regularly.


Turn Off The Water Supply

To avoid any water or gas leakage, it’s best to turn off the main supply while you’re away.



Cancel Your Subscriptions Or Deliveries

An ever increasing pile of newspapers or deliveries at your front door is a dead giveaway so make sure that you cancel your subscriptions or deliveries if you’re going away. Either that, or ask your neighbours to help you collect your mail.


Lock Up Everything

Put all your valuables under lock and key. Then make sure all windows and doors are securely locked. If you have a garage or balcony, don’t forget about their respective doors as well.


Don’t Close Your Curtains Or Blinds If It’s Not A Habit

Nothing spells “away” than the sight of drawn curtains or blinds when it’s not the norm in your household. If you’re not in the habit of drawing the blinds or curtains, then leaving them open as usual will be better.


Lower The Ring Tone Of Your Phone

The sound of a persistently ringing phone in your home can spell trouble if anyone is lurking outside your home, so lower the ring tone of your phone if possible.


Take Dengue Precautions

Before you leave for your holiday, make sure there are no areas that might be harbouring stagnant water. Overturn all containers such as pails, and cover places like pole holders and toilet bowls that are potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes.


You shouldn’t have to worry about your home security when you’re on a holiday so don’t forget to follow the above steps before you leave the house for an extended period of time!

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