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8 Fantastic Marble Bathroom Design Ideas!

Marble is created from limestone and is available in a myriad of exquisite colors such as yellow, gray, black or even blue and pink. Its wide range of color palette is due to the natural impurities; clay minerals and iron oxides . Since ancient times, Marble has been widely used in sculptures, monuments, buildings and homes both as interior and exterior applications such as wall-cladding and flooring.
Marble is a favorite choice in many upscale condominiums projects since many top designers like to make use of the Marble’s varying shades, colors and vein patterns to create a variety of ambiance that oozes class and opulence. In fact, Marble has since became an iconic material for luxury homes.
In particular, since Marble is resistant to hot, humid and wet atmosphere, it is suitable for usage in bathrooms. Moreover, Marble possesses a classy understated elegant look which makes it stands out from other stone tiling option for bathrooms. 
The maintenance for Marble is minimal; homeowners just have to apply a layer of sealer to protect it against acidic materials such as shampoo, soap and toothpaste since marble is porous and stains easily.  
Although Marble is a hardy stone, it is still prone to high-impact knocks and replacing chipped or cracked Marble tiles can be expensive as it is challenging to find the same tone, color and matching vein pattern. Hence, I recommend homeowners to keep a few more extra marble tiles as spares for replacing damaged tiles! 
Nevertheless, let me share with you how Marble is used to adorn the bathroom!
So here are some of my favorite Marble bathroom design ideas!
Square marble tiles with disjoint veins, complete with vintage lamps, help to inject a touch of old school luxury to this bathroom.
Marble does not necessary come with sporadic, swirl-like veins, Marmara White marble (or Marmara Equator) has parallel or “striped” veins!
Marble when used on one wall, creates an additional depth and focal point to this bathroom. The curves of the bathtub and washing sink help to break the otherwise monotonous look.
Colored Marble such as blue and yellow spruces up this bathroom even further!
Dark colored Marble, especially black Marble tiles, sure makes this bathroom stand out from the rest!
Dramatic black and white geometric floor – guaranteed to take your breath away!


Symmetric veined marble tiles makes a quite a dramatic statement.

Varying shades, colors and sizes of these Marble tiles sure make a surprisingly good combination!
I hope that you find this post inspirational and useful for your bathroom renovation or remodel needs.
Do have a great holiday and Happy Deepavali! 🙂

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