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8 Cool Ways to Display Photos at Home

My partner’s passion for photography means that we have stacks and stacks of photos stashed away somewhere in our cupboard and storeroom, waiting to be displayed on walls or kept inside photo albums.

Sick and tired of the usual way of showcasing these photos, I decided to round up a couple of interesting ways to display them at home.


Here are my favourite few:


Arrange instant photos into shapes

Image from creaturecomfortsblog

If you love instant photos, this should be the top of your list. Of course aside from creating hearts,  you can create other shapes or patterns too.


Hang ’em Up !

Image from apartmenttherapy

All you need is a couple of nails and strings and tada~!


Photo album on walls

Image from indulgy

Who would have thought of using plates hangers to display photo albums? Now you can! Instead of stashing the photo albums away in a drawer or storeroom, have them displayed on your walls. However, make sure that the albums aren’t too heavy.


Custom made pillows, cups, table tunners etc

Image from babble

 You can upload all your favorite Instagrams to Stitchtagram and have a custom throw pillow made and delivered. Taking this concept further, you can get a printing company at Bras Basah Complex to custom made cups, table runners and so on with your favourite photos.


Family Tree

Image from blog.makezine

If you take a closer look, this tree was done up with cut out cork shelf liner! Of course if you are lazy like me, you can always choose to paint a tree using a stencil. If painting is not in your blood, you can always opt for wall stickers instead.


Center Pieces

Image from

Just purchase 3 frames from Ikea, remove the cardboard backing and slip the photos into the frames. Next, use hinge frames and masking tapes to hold the photo frames together in a triangle. Lastly, stand them around a tea candle and tada~! Best results achieved with black and white photos.


Photo Lamps

Image from studio-intrigue

Simply purchase the lamps from Ikea and stick the photo negatives on the surfaces. This should be one of the easiest DIY.


Photo Dining Lights

Image from apartmentlove

This customised photo dining lights will definately be a good conversation starter for your guests.


Hope you have enjoyed this post.

Do feel free to comment if you have other ideas to share too.

Have a great week ahead!   🙂

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