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7 ‘White Ant’ Facts All Homeowners Have to Know


1. Termite, also known as ‘white ant’ is one of the most feared home pests for owners.

main_termite2-header2. Termite is often mistaken for an ant. One way to differentiate between the two is that termite has much thicker waist than an ant’s.

3. Termite damage can significantly lower a property’s value.

damaged-doorframe4. Termite feeds beyond timber. They attack anything with cellulose- invading ceilings, windows, door frames, floor and wall panels.

5. Once a food source is established for the colony, they can feed non –stop 24 hours a day!

6. Termite eats from the inside out, meaning termite damage cannot be seen from the outside until it is too late.
7. Early detection is key. Technology helps termite control with early detection of its presence using comprehensive inspection technology.

Singapore’s tropical climate and high humidity encourage the growth of termite population very well. Termite damage is getting more common with an infestation soon becoming major architectural and financially damaging.
Termite control requires professionally-trained specialists who understand the biology and living/feeding habits of termites in order to recommend effective and responsive treatment solutions.

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