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7 Ways to Childproof Your Home Part 2

In the last article, we looked at 2 problems that you may encounter at home. Let’s look at the rest of the problems and their respective solutions.



Problem 3: Your child fancies himself a treasure hunter.

Lessen the pain of having to clean up after your child has rummaged through your precious cabinets, drawers or refrigerator. Securing them with a child-safety lock also means that your child will not be able to get their little hands on the dangerous cutlery, medicine, cleaning products etc.


Problem 4: Itchy fingers is thy child’s middle name.

Kids will be kids. The moment you turn your back, your child will be itching to touch that hot pot boiling away merrily on the stove or stick their fingers into power outlets. Prevent tragic accidents by covering your power sockets and use a hob guard or covers on your stove.


Problem 5: You have a little Tarzan at home.

Sometimes you think you can just step out for a moment while your child is sleeping, but you never know when your child may wake up and wonder where you might be. If they don’t find you in the house, their next step could be to climb up to the windows to see if you’re somewhere out there. In such a scenario, locking the window grilles will be prudent. You should also ensure that there is no furniture placed near the windows for your child to climb up on.


Problem 6: Your home is like a minefield with too many sharp edges.

Edges, especially sharp ones, can be dangerous if your child loves to run around the house. Soften the blow with bumpers and do keep your home as uncluttered as possible.


Problem 7: Junior puts everything into his mouth and I mean, EVERYTHING.

Until your child turns 3, it’s always good to buy toys with parts that are bigger than the size of their mouth. This is to prevent choking accidents. Avoid using second-hand toys if they have broken parts, are fraying at the seams or have detachable parts like buttons that can be pulled off. In fact, make sure you don’t leave anything lying around that your child can pounce on and put into their mouth for fun.


Where To Buy Them? You can check out baby product websites like motherswork®, Spring Maternity and IKEA Singapore for a wide range of child-safety products. As for certain items such as hob covers, you can always buy them online and have them shipped to Singapore. (do more research). While it’s important to keep your little one safe, there is no need for you to morph into a paranoid parent either. As with everything else, you just need good old common sense and STAY VIGILANT!

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