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7 Closet Storage Tips That’ll Make You Very Happy

2016 is already here and it’s time for us to sweep away the old and make way for the new. One of the places you might want to consider tidying up first should be your closet. The main issue that plagues most homeowners nowadays is this: lack of space. Not every home has the luxury of space but there are definitely ways to increase the storage capacity of any closet or wardrobe. Read on to find out more.



1. Extender rods

At their best, these rods could potentially double, triple, or even quadruple the amount of clothes you can store, depending on how many you choose to install.


2. Shelf dividers

Many people fail to see the importance of these seemingly insignificant partitions. Not only will you be able to keep clothing in neat stacks categorised by colour or material, you’ll find lots of space being freed up in the process simply because you’ve become way more organised.

Credit: Container Store


3. Drawers

When in doubt, always remember that more drawers means more room for storage. Try to add as many built-in closet drawers as possible to ensure your closet area is fully maximised. Size is another crucial factor that should be taken into account here. The length and breadth of each drawer cubicle makes a huge difference depending on the items you’re trying to pack. For instance, smaller cubicles could be used for underwear, socks, handkerchiefs, and whatnot, while larger cubicles need to be used for shirts or trousers. It would be best to make the drawer dividers fully customisable (you’re always welcome to DIY with a variety of materials) so you can change the layout as and when you wish.

drawer-partitionCredit: Pinterest


4. Under shelf baskets

There are many perks of having under shelf baskets in your closet. For one, they are very easy to install. They are excellent for utilising vertical space that cannot be reached with stackable containers. And since they are fully see-through, you probably won’t have to spend time labelling each and every one of them.


5. Hooks

Despite being meagrely sized, hooks lined in rows or used collectively can come in really handy, especially when you need that extra bit of space for that new handbag you snagged from a recent sale. Hooks can be installed on the interior or exterior of closet doors, depending on what you like.

Credit: Amazon


6. Tie racks

Sure, it’s always more convenient to chuck your ties along with all your other clothes in one huge drawer or basket. But we’re talking about saving space here, and you’d be pleasantly surprised at the difference a tie rack can make.

tie-hanger-rackCredit: Organizeit


7. Keep bulky items such as suitcases/shoes in separate places to free up more room

Unfortunately, the privilege of storing luggages and footwear within the closet is reserved for those who have plenty of room to spare.

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