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7 Singapore Home Design Trends Expected to Take Off in 2019

If you’re embarking on your home renovations any time soon, it helps if you look ahead to see what’s set to be trending. Interior design trends aren’t just indicators of popular aesthetics, they also show you how and what most people want to be experiencing in their homes. With 2018 coming to a close, we are already seeing certain shifts in styles, although there are firm favourites that we think will continue sticking around in 2019. We explore a few of them here:


1. Expect to see more semi-open kitchens

Having cooking fumes and grease pervading the rest of your home is a major downside to having an open kitchen and is probably the number one reason why practical homeowners are switching away from open concept to the semi-open kitchen. Marrying the best of both worlds, the semi-open kitchen can take numerous forms but essentially, it has the ability to close off when needed and to remain open when desired.

One form of the semi-open kitchen: a separation between the wet and dry areas.

Design: VOILÀ

A popular semi-open kitchen is the separation of wet and dry areas, usually by a physical divider. The hob and sink are typically located inside the wet area so that noise and grease can be contained within, while the dry area can sometimes be used as a pantry area or a serving station or to prep lighter meals.

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Another form of semi-open kitchens. The glass panels create the illusion of an open kitchen, while keeping fumes and grease contained within the cooking space.

Design: In-Expat


2. Light and bright homes will still be around, but it’s less Scandi

Our brief affair with dark and dangerous homes in 2018 have all but died down. And in 2019, we will probably be seeing more light, bright and airy homes. While the Scandinavian style is the quintessential light-and-bright look, homes in Singapore are making way for sleeker styles that are less casual and rustic and more contemporary and luxe.

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While Scandinavian styles and its variants will still be around, 2019 will see a more polished design scheme.

Design: Third Avenue Studio


3. Warm hues with masculine undertones will take centre stage

Colours in 2019 are just a bit more sophisticated, more grown up and surprise, surprise—more masculine (Buh bye, Millennial Pink!). See Dulux’s Colour of the Year’s Spiced Honey for instance, a feel-good caramel toned neutral that is timeless and classic.

Warmer hues for 2019, a departure from cooler tones this year.

Image courtesy of Dulux

Grey tones are here to stay, but they will be paired with warmer accents and textures like brass, wood or natural materials like jute to create a more three-dimensional look that feels lived in rather than just magazine-ready.

Grey is here to stay, but the scheme is made warmer with various textures.

Design: Third Avenue Studio

We’ll also be seeing more of the combination of crisp white, matte black and wood in Singapore homes, which indicates a trend towards warming up the prevalent neutral-hued scheme.

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4. Framed glass panels are coming back, thinner and larger

Framed glass panels were once incredibly popular back when the industrial trend took off in a major way here. We think it will make a comeback next year, with thinner frames and larger glass panels. You will find it everywhere and used in a multitude of ways: in the living room as a feature element, in the kitchen as a bi-fold divider or in the bathroom as a shower screen.

Framed glass panels are making a comeback in a sleeker fashion and they aren’t just a reserve for industrial style homes.

Design: K U R O +

Thinner frames and larger glass panels make for a more modern look.

Design: Adroit Interior Design


5. A graphic statement in the bathroom

Homeowners in Singapore are paying more attention to their bathrooms. Too-safe looks are making way for bathrooms that have a single surprising or eye-catching detail. Consider a graphic backsplash, flooring laid with striking tiles or an unconventional vanity. Don’t go overboard with the details though—you don’t want your space to look tacky or like you’re trying too hard.

A graphic pop from the black-and-white patterned floor tiles.

Design: Icon Interior Design

An eye-catching backsplash amidst neutrals.

Design: Fuse Concept


6. Hidden elements and collapsible designs will be big

With spaces tighter than ever, homes in Singapore are trending towards hidden elements and collapsible designs in order to maximise and save space as well as to create sleeker and less cluttered spaces. Think hidden doorways, pop-up dining tables, pull-out vanities and extendable kitchen counters.

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The dinner table is pulled out from a full-height shelving and storage unit.

Design: Authors • Interior & Styling

A wood panelled feature wall hides the entrances into a bedroom and the bomb shelter.

Design: Space Atelier


7. Layouts are adopting an unconventional slant

Homes in Singapore, particularly HDBs and BTOs, are looking less basic and more unconventional with more homeowners going against the grain when it comes to designing their spaces. Designated boundaries are shifting, walls are hacked away and rooms are being re-arranged in order to create distinctive spaces that better fit in with the lifestyles of their occupants.

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The wall between a common bedroom and the master bedroom in this BTO flat was hacked away and an area just outside the master en-suite was set aside for this walk-in wardrobe.

Design: Zenith Arc

A large studio sits in the intended living room space in this 5-room BTO flat.

Design: Three-D Conceptwerke

We love trends as much as the next person, but the key is to only incorporate what you love and works for you. What’s your take on next year’s trends? Do you agree or disagree? We want to hear from you!


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