7 Insta-worthy Homes You Should Not Miss

  • Dec 4, 2019

Check out these 7 Instagram worthy apartments which we are totally captivated with! Yes, these photos capture a picture-perfect moment, immaculately done up with carefully matched colours, aesthetically pleasing interior decoration and furnishings! Without further ado, here are our favourite picks!

#1. A Whimsical and Ethereal Creation

Design: Icon Interior Design

Seemly out of this world, this surreal fantasy-meets-reality oasis is a retreat for its occupants with childlike flair., where they can enjoy an afternoon of make-believe and fun activities!

Design Tips: Be bold, daring by using unusual, vibrant décor to capture the whimsy in your home interiors. Experiment with fanciful wallpapers to incorporate vivid designs and communicate your desired imagery to your home guests.

#2. Modern Zen Chic

Design: Linear Space Concepts

Heavily Muji inspired, this apartment is clad in characteristic pale timber, which is set against white wooden panels and grey cement screed walls. The bespoke apartment, which has been tailored made to be functional with no excess frills, evoked feelings of serenity and calm. In addition, a comfy reading nook which is constructed by the window, also incorporates deep drawers for extra storage space.

Design Tips: The secret to achieve the minimalist look, is to cater large amount of  storage. By having sufficient storage, you can liberally edit and remove the excess frills in the home interior design and make do with exposing only the necessary elements. In addition, make the room look much bigger by leaving an ample amount of empty space between objects.

#3. Zany Hexagon Vibes

Design: Absolook Interior Design

There is certainly something about the honeycomb tiles, which made most interior designers fall madly in love with. In fact, the honeycomb trend is set to take home interior design by storm; so push the boundaries of the design rules by mixing and matching hexagon tiles with other floor treatment designs!

Design Tips: The secret to beautiful honeycomb tiles is to embellish it with different contrasting grout colors, as this will emphasize the beautiful hexagonal shapes!

#4. Arch Appeal

Design: Dots ‘N’ Tots Interior Design

Archways never fail to inject a timeless, elegant vibe in any home. In fact, the Archways are the surest way to elevate an apartment’s aesthetic appeal, while providing an unexpected architectural twist!

Design Tips: The half-circle Archway is somewhat synonymous with the famous Greek island; the pristine white, sun-drenched picturesque Santorini island, is which surrounded by clearest, bluest ocean. Hence, to emulate the idyllic island, you should keep an all-white aesthetic and incorporating deep blue accents and light wood, while keeping the décor to the minimal.

#5. Masculine Undertones

Design: Sujonohun Concept & Design

The warmth and strength of this room are conveyed through the woody dark, no-nonsense clean lines with an absence of clutter. This elegant, yet masculine look is completed with the polished natural stone such as Granite.

Design Tips: Soften the masculine undertones with ivory-colored carpet and strategic placement of big leafy plants.

#6. Pastel Dream Farm House

Design: Weiken

Cheerful, pastel hues complement this whimsical, countryside themed apartment.  Ceiling hung wire basket and wooden crates usher in the rustic farmhouse vibe, while providing plenty of practical storage for homeowners.

Design Tips: A modern farmhouse is still about traditional necessities (such as a gas stove) and eschews modern design conveniences (such as a sleek, touch panel induction hood and hod).  In addition, nothing should be too fanciful nor ornamental and the best decorative pieces are nostalgic finds from the flea markets or antique stores.

#7. Hotel Getaway

Design: 9 Creation

A hotel themed home interior is all about comfort and luxury; while maximizing the limited space with creative glass dividers partitions and open-concept spaces.

Design Tips: Aside from the aesthetic appeal of sight, do not forget the appeal of smell too.With the help of aromatherapy, you will have a very soothing and relaxing experience in your very own private enclave.

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