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7 Big Renovation Design Secrets for Tiny Apartments

Compact living is a global trend that has swept across major cities around the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that this trend is here to stay in Singapore.

In this post, we shall reveal the 7 design secrets which successful renovation professionals have used to create comfortable yet functional dwellings for the homeowners of these minuscule apartments!


Design Secret #1:
Rethink the Traditional Furniture Design

The bed is usually the biggest piece of furniture which takes up the most amount of space in the house. Hence, most of the renovation professional designers would design a simple storage cabinet which doubles up as a bed frame too. However, the more creative designers would propose a multi-functional and upraised bed frame.

Image from Batiik Studio

This insanely cool solution creates plenty of storage space beneath the bed, complete with stairs that double up as storage cabinets and an enclosed full-height closet on the side too! It even incorporates small sliding panels for some extra privacy.


Design Secret #2:
Take Your Creativity to New Heights!  

When homeowners are blessed with an amazing 3.5 m to 5 m tall ceilings, the added height provides ample opportunities for the renovation professional designers to stretch their creative skills to the very limit.

Images from Icosa Design

This custom built, smart furniture deck slices and dices the vertical space into dual areas; the top deck serves as a cozy sleep quarters while the bottom deck is a working area for various activities; a fold-able dining table for eating, a whiteboard and stand-up personal computer desk for working, a closet for storage of clothes and there is even enough room to house a guest bed!


Design Secret #3:
Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication!  

When space comes at a premium, the renovation professional designers recommend that for all furniture to be customized, scaled to fit the proportions of the tiny apartment and most importantly, simply designed with basic forms.

Image from Batiik Studio

Image from Eliemetni

When ornate designs are used, the complicated designs will overwhelm the tiny space and make the area feel smaller and more cramp than it really is. Hence, by using furniture in plain, elemental forms, the tiny apartment instantly feels bigger!


Design Secret #4:
 Go Bright and Airy with Sliding and Folding Glass Partitions

Clear glass partitions allow ample natural light to stream into the apartment. This injects an airy elegance in the small confined space, making it look roomy and wide. Sliding glass walls function well to delineate one zone from the rest of the premises and yet, they are able to unite the distinct zones together dynamically.

Image from INDOT

Image from Dezeen

Folding glass partitions are able to add visual depth to the entire composition by balancing visual openness with physical privacy perfectly.


Design Secret #5:
Mirrored Surfaces for an Illusion of Space

Mirrored surfaces adds visual height and depth to a tiny space and therefore, constructs an illusion of a much roomier house than it really is.

Image from Interiorzine

Image from Favorite Design

Aside from mirrors, you can use a perimeter track, light weight and a fireproof, reflective fabric membrane that stretches across the ceiling to achieve the same mirrored effect.


Design Secret #6:
Create an Attractive Accent

Perforated concrete, brick wall with decorative patterns creates an extremely high visual impact accent, which accentuates the feeling of space, while separating the distinct zones.

Images from Triaarquitetura

Images from NCda

The wooden cladding in decorative patterns also creates an unforgettable decorative accent from the mezzanine floor structure. This decorative piece of art delineates the two different activity zones visually; top zone for sleeping and the bottom zone for dining.


Design Secret #7:
Boat Building Techniques Rocks!

Boat-building, which is one of the oldest branches of engineering, is about mainly building the hulls of boats. Since a boat hardly has any room for storing, storage compartments have been constructed from the floor. Hence, renovation professionals have actually been applying similar techniques and constructing built-in floor storage often seen in boats.

Image from Casoteca


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