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7 Bathroom Renovation Tips for that Perfect Shower Experience!

Although the most compact in terms of space, bathrooms are often the most expensive place to remodel during a home renovation. Hence, it pays that you do some homework even when you have engaged renovation professionals. This is because when you have done your own research, you will be in a better position to communicate with your renovation professionals your needs and avoid unnecessary budget and cost overruns!

#1. Think out of the box

Image from Vandala Magazine

Thinking out of the box helps to avoid having a cookie cutter design for your bathroom home renovation. Hence, by studying current trends and drawing life experiences from travelling, coupled with a unique perspective will greatly help in coming up with innovative and creative approaches in re-imagining and rethinking your bathroom design!

Image from Architecture Art Designs

#2. Functionality is the bridge between design & human experience

Image from Flauminc

In every design, there is a  task which the item is expected to perform. Hence, a well renovated bathroom should fulfill its intended function by responding and meet the needs of the homeowners who are using it. Therefore, a functional bathroom design is a direct result of a series of successful processes to work seamlessly with the proposed design that takes into consideration who will use and how the bathroom will be used.

#3. Don’t forget human ergonomics

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Ergonomics is the art and science of making things efficient, easy and a joy to use. During the renovating of your dream bathroom, here are some useful tips to make sure that your bathroom is a joyous and safe place to use.

Lower the height of vanities where necessary
When you have young children or wheelchair bound elderly at home, lower the bathroom fixtures and fittings to make them easier to reach.

Allow clearance between the sink rim and tap
If the distance between the sink and spout is inadequate, you will knock your forehead on the tap when you lean forward to wash your face. Allow around a hand width clearance between the sink rim and the tap’s spout to avoid water splash back when the bathroom tap is turned on.

Design with ease of cleaning in mind
Wall-hung vanity sinks and toilets make the bathroom easier to clean. Furthermore, dark colored grout and tiles makes the water marks and dirt less visible.

Ensure that the bathroom fittings are installed at the recommended height
By ensuring that the bathroom fittings are installed at the recommended height, the bathroom users will not suffer unnecessary backaches.

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#4. Adequate clearance for ease of mobility is a must

Image from bhg

Setting aside adequate clearance between the bathroom fittings will ensure that bathroom users will be able to move about the bathroom without bumping into each other. Therefore, before proposing the bathroom design, delineate the entire list of activities to be executed in the bathroom. With this list of activities, measure and set aside the required space for the activities to be carried out smoothly and safely.

#5. Safety is a must

Image from

Based on Ms Shirleen Sim, an occupational therapist at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, accidents in the form of bathroom falls are often in Singapore, and almost a third of the patients in the elderly rehabilitation centre are elderly who have taken a fall in the bathroom. Hence, when you have elderly loved ones, you should consider the following renovation measures to make the bathroom a much safer place for them:

Non-slip tiles
Install nonslip tiles in the wet areas such as the  bathtub and shower area.

Grab bars and rails
Install safety grab bars and rails in or around the bathtub, shower and toilet bowl which can assist in balancing when you get up or bend down and something secure to grab on if you actually slip and fall.

Shower seat or bench
Install a shower seat or bench in the shower area so that it is easier to shower without moving about.

As for young children, the easiest way to make the bathroom inaccessible is to install a door latch of adult height. Therefore, you can also consider the additional renovation measures to make the bathroom more child safe:

Medicine and toiletry cabinets
Ensure that all medicine and toiletries cabinets can be locked with a safety latch or key lock.

Electric appliances
If you use electrical appliances such as razors and hair dryers, install specialized bathroom wall sockets (ground-fault circuit interrupters) to minimize the likelihood of electrical injury when an appliances get in contact with water accidentally..

#6. Know the IP lighting ratings

The humid environment of the bathroom calls for the lighting, which is insulated against water. Ingress Protection (IP) rating helps you to know whether if the bathroom lighting is safe when it is in the proximity of water. Also known as IP code, it is made up of letters IP, 2 digits followed by an optional letter and it categories the degree of protection against accidental contract and water. For the degree of waterproof, look out for the second digit which indicates the level of protection against water. The lower the second digit, the more unsafe the lighting is when exposed to water. In short, the bigger the IP number, the more waterproof the lighting is and the better the protection and safer it is. Therefore, the lighting with higher IP number is suitable to use closer to areas which are closer to the water.

In general, all bathroom lighting are of either IP23, IP44 or IP65 code.

#7. Be clear which bathroom zones are meant for which type of IP lighting

Image from Beamled

Bathrooms are divided into 3 humidity zones due to the amount of water that the bathroom lighting can potentially be exposed to.

Zone 1
Zone 1 is the closest to the water source. Lighting with IP65 rating are a must especially when the shower head is directed onto the lighting fitting.

Zone 2
Followed by Zone 1, Zone 2 is the next nearest to the water source where the bathroom lighting is potentially exposed to splashes of water. In this zone, IP44 rated lighting is recommended.

Outside Zone
Bathroom lighting of all IP rating is suitable for the outside zones.


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