60 must see inspirational feature wall ideas for your home renovation!

  • Jul 1, 2016
60 must see inspiring feature wall ideas for your home renovation

What is a feature wall?

A feature wall is also known as an accent or statement wall that breaks up the monotonous pattern of other walls. This is especially useful when the walls are of the same flat color, design or material.

Why does having a feature wall matter to you?

The purpose of having a feature wall is to grab the attention of the visitor and become the main focal point of a room. In fact, a statement wall which is differentiated from other walls is usually used to accentuate and frame a particular decorative element for aesthetics interest. In addition, it is also pretty useful to draw attention away from undesirable aspects of a room!

Which wall should you use as a feature wall?

You might be surprised to learn that not any wall can be used as an accent wall. In actuality, the wall must have the following attributes to be a suitable candidate: it is usually the first wall which is visible when visitors walk into the room and be able to visually balance the dimension and sense of space of the room. In fact as a general rule of thumb, feature walls are commonly used with hanging TVs, paintings or even as bed heads.

Are you really to get inspired?!

Well, I dug around the internet to find out how feature walls are being used all over the world and here is the conclusion of my findings; unique feature wall injects vibrancy and personality in an otherwise ordinary space and they sometime pull double duty by offering as a storage solution for space challenged apartments.


Tip: It is best to work with home interior renovation professionals to find out which wall should be used as a feature wall and achieve the desired look.


Here are some Inspiring finds from the globe...

Configurable, sound-absorbing wall panels cum feature wall. Source: inhabitat

Feature Wall_02

Amazing wall panel look like giant puzzle pieces.

Source: geometrix.ru

Feature Wall_18

Feature wall that reaches for the sky.

Source: contemporist

Feature Wall_05

Wall Art redefined.

Source: we-heart

Feature Wall_06

Wall that interacts with its environment designed to reveal a message as it interacts with sunlight.

Source: experimentaltypography

Feature Wall_04

Backlight feature wall.

Source: decoradvisor

Feature Wall_06

Magical mirror feature wall.

Source: yelp

Feature Wall_08

Reflective mirrored wall.

Source: architectureartdesigns

Feature Wall_09

Bling feature wall!

Source: iidany.org

Feature Wall_10

Crystal feature wall.

Source: designboom

Feature Wall_11

Magnetic feature wall with polaroid photos.

Source: petapixel

Feature Wall_01

Colorful fun feature wall.

Source: distrohome

Feature Wall_13

Geometric-patterned feature wall.

Source: lovechicliving


Agate natural stone feature wall.

Source: decoart

Feature Wall_14

Bold floral feature wall.

Source: avso.org

Feature Wall_23

Source: backtothewall

Feature Wall_16

Feature wall that brings nature right into your room!

Source: homeozoic

Feature Wall_31

Source: homesthetics

Feature Wall_07

Source: avso.org

Feature Wall_25

Book case feature wall.

Source: officearc

Feature Wall_12

Source: home-designing

Feature Wall_30

3d colorful wall shelves.

Source: avso.org

Feature Wall_19

Source: home-designing

Feature Wall_29

Having a map as a feature wall.

Source: avso.org

Feature Wall_22

Source: homedit

Feature Wall_26

Feature Wall_27

Inject a raw, utilitarian appeal, industrial style in your living room. Source: avso.org

Feature Wall_24

Source: home-designing

Feature Wall_28


Tip: These gorgeous finds from all over the world pose as a good starting point for you to discuss with the home renovation professionals on what is suitable for your home.


Accent walls that double up as storage solution

However, accent walls that double up as storage solution is the most versatile and practical solution for homes what lack storage space. Hence, these are most commonly found in living rooms or even in dining areas. Here are some excellent feature wall cum storage solutions for you....

ChapterB-FlamingoValley-01Interior Designer: Chapter B

idees-260A-Punggol-Way-8Interior Designer: Idees Interior Design


fuseconcept-thegale-05Interior Designer: Fuse Concept

Luxespace-LorongHTelukKurau-04Interior Designer: Luxespace

projectfile-Springleaf-04Interior Designer: Project File

LivingGaia-30Blossom-07Interior Designer: Living Gaia

Datlaz-Interior-Living26Interior Designer: D'Atlaz Interior

Datlaz-Interior-Living17Interior Designer: D'Atlaz Interior

Datlaz-Interior-living19Interior Designer: D'Atlaz Interior

Datlaz-Interior-Living23Interior Designer: D'Atlaz Interior

Datlaz-Interior-Living14Interior Designer: D'Atlaz Interior

Datlaz-Interior-living11 Interior Designer: D'Atlaz Interior

LuxDesign-432B-Sengkang-East-Way-03Interior Designer: Lux Design

Wardrobes that double up as an accent wall

Uniquely designed wardrobes can also double up as a feature wall for bedrooms!



blk 612 #11-1109 ang mo kio ave 4 (4)Interior Designer: GS ID

Datlaz-Interior-Master-RM001Interior Designer: D’Atlaz Interior

juzinterior-tampines-04Interior Designer: Juz Interior


ArtisanSpace-020Interior Designer: Artisan Space

Bike storage cum feature wall

Behold! An ingeniously designed bike rack can be a statement wall too!

idembross-65livia-01Interior Designer: ID Emboss

Feature Wall_20Source: avso.org

Statement walls for bedroom, kitchen and bathroom

Simple statement walls are usually found in bedrooms to add depth and make the room appear bigger than it really is. In addition, accent walls have also made their way into kitchens and even bathrooms to spruce up the place. Here are some really cool examples.

d5studio-YishunNatura-08Interior Designer: D5 Studio Image

projectfile-StPatrick-07Interior Designer: Project File


d5studio-YishunNatura-02Interior Designer: D5 Studio Image

PrintInterior Designer: GS ID

iPoise-KatongGarden-05Interior Designer: iPoise Interior Design

A few more examples....

Well, an empty wall is akin to a canvas, so do let your creativity run wild!

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OneStopConcept-AstridMeadows-01Interior Designer: One Stop Concept by Norman Yeo

inzzstudio-punggolwalk-06Interior Designer: Inzz Studio

Datlaz-Interior-Living014Interior Designer: D’Atlaz Interior

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