6 Ways to Make an Unforgettable Entrance

  • Jun 19, 2018

How do you impress your visitors with what your place has to offer before they even step into your home?

Well, the answer actually lies in your entrance way!

You may not realize this; the entrance to your abode actually plays a very important role; it is where your guests get their first impressions of your home. And as the saying goes "First impressions are the most lasting"! Hence, the humble entrance actually sets the tone of your home interior design; it can make your guests feel welcome and even get them ready to be blown away when they see what is exactly inside your abode!

Instead of cookie-cutter interiors, the entrance way should break the typical "shoe-rack-storage-cabinet" design. Nevertheless, without further ado, here are our top 6 picks which are remarkably unique and creative!

#1. Vintage Eccentric 

Design: The 80's Studio

Beyond the vintage industrial gate, you will come face to face with an inspirational chalk lettering and wall mural. The Star Wars toys, candy Gumball machine and a vintage fan add a sense of quirkiness in a relaxed, and bohemian setting.

#2. Old School Charm

Design: DB Studio

Step behind the black expanded metal mesh gate and you will be greeted by a wall of antique white old-school ventilation bricks.  These nostalgic accents take you back in time and they also complement the classic white shaker cabinets, doors and dark toned kitchen cabinets perfectly.

#3. Raw, Rustic Industrial Chic

Design: Fineline Design

Imagine stepping into a lush carpeted greenery, padded with wooden tiles with bouquets of flower blooms lining the edge of the floors. This cosy setup is completed with a nice touch of a galvanised metal bench and an antique bicycle. This carefully thought out design for the entrance is actually a prologue to the spectacular industrial interiors!

#4. Country Life Appeal

Image from Budas.biz

You can literally carve out a cosy niche for the entrance foyer by laying contrasting floor tiles and erecting a wooden partition wall.  This transitory spot will beckon your guests come in and make themselves comfortable at home immediately. In addition, it also showcases a statement mirror framed by twigs, and warm firewood adorned the sides of the cabinet complete this edgy country styled theme.

#5. Statement Making Art

Image from Bhg

Bright, breezy and airy, this entryway oozes appeal and style. Instead of an actual bike, the bold, wooden artwork which depicts a bicycle takes centre stage of the entrance way. Furthermore, the unobtrusive emerald metal cabinet pulls double duty as a functional storage place for the necessities such as shoes and aptly injects a pop of colour to this grey-and-white interior.

#6. Enigmatic and Dark

Image from mydizajn.ru

Entryway designs are typically light-hearted and warm. However, you can choose to balk this trend and opt for the utilitarian and brooding dark shades. In addition, you can also adorn this entrance space with subtle, elegant decorative details to make a stylish first impression for your guests!


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