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6 Ways to Beautify Your Boring Balcony

It can be a little challenging to live in a tropical Singapore where the weather can get a little nutty at times, but this doesn’t mean you can’t make a decent experience out of outdoor living on your balcony. There are ways to beautify the exterior even if you don’t have the luxury of a huge garden. Here are 6 nifty tips to dress up your boring balcony so that you can enjoy fresh air in comfort whenever balmy weather beckons.



Function of Your Balcony

Before you start decorating the balcony, consider what you’re using it for and consider the following questions: is it exposed to the elements or do you intend to cover the balcony with shades? Will it be an extension of your living room or will it be devoted to a different function altogether? Answering these questions will help you determine the type of furnishings and theme to go for.


Decide on a Theme

Maybe you can’t forget about the golden beach that you visited on your last holiday or perhaps you’re in love with the romance of sitting in a roadside café in France. No matter what your fantasy is, decide on your favourite theme and dress up your balcony in that manner. But don’t forget to match the balcony theme with your living room or it will appear too disjointed. To do that, you can borrow an element e.g. colour or fabric within your living room and make it the focal point in your balcony, then build your entire theme around it.


Size of your Balcony

What you can do with your balcony largely depends on its size, shape and space because it’ll determine the type of furniture you can buy. Be sure to allow for traffic around the furnishings though or it could clutter your enjoyment. While a bigger balcony will allow the luxury of a formal dining table, a narrower bar table set is more suitable if your balcony is on the private limited side.


Choosing a Suitable Outdoor Furniture Material

In the midst of dressing up your balcony, don’t forget about picking out a suitable material for your furniture. Avoid putting furniture that will deteriorate in the face of unpredictable weather conditions such as wind, rain and sunlight. Suitable materials you can consider are wicker, bamboo, wood (like teak), wrought iron and aluminium, but you still need to match the furniture to the specific weather you experience on a daily basis. For example, wood crack in hot dry conditions while wicker cannot withstand long periods of exposure to moisture.


Weather-proof Fabrics

When it comes to fabric, choose hardy ones that can last longer in the outdoors and are water resistant in case the rain enters your balcony. If you don’t intend to shade your balcony or install windows, then fade and mildew resistant fabrics are a must as well. Cushion inserts should preferably have a polypropylene cover (thus water proof) to avoid the unpleasant business of having to replace cushions every now and then. Among the materials you can consider are duck cloth, cotton canvas, and vinyl.



Don’t like the original flooring that your balcony comes with, but don’t want to fork out a large sum to change it? Then you might want to invest in alternative flooring such as interlocking deck tiles. Otherwise you can look into rugs to soften the impact on your bare feet or mask the ugly flooring, but do get weather resistant rugs in case you don’t want to block the lovely view your balcony affords with shades.


Some of us might not have the luxury of a large garden or front yard, but this doesn’t mean we should leave the balcony under-utilised. You can even cultivate a mini garden of your favourite plants and small water fountain—just don’t overdo it and cause it to disrupt your neighbours’ boundaries! Of course the balcony theme should match your living room so it doesn’t appear too disjointed.

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