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6 Ways to Avoid a Boring Cookie-Cutter Home design

6 Ways to Avoid a Boring Cookie-Cutter Home design

There are a few ways to avoid the boring, cookie-cutter look for your home interiors and make it truly stand out. The secret to making this happen is to think out of the box; which means approaching the design in a completely radical, innovative ways; conceptualizing design ideas differently in a way you’d never thought of before. In fact, here are 6 easy ways to transform your home interiors from looking drab to fab!

Redefine how furniture can be designedUnconventional furniture design can come in the form of floating or suspended desk structure, engineered personalized table with mismatched legs or even furniture in its rawest form.

Tip: Work with your interior professionals on how best to customize the furniture to suit your needs

projectfile-Pinacle-03Interior Designer: Project File

17. Avoid boring Cookie Cutter designbehance

18. Avoid boring Cookie Cutter

19. Avoid boring Cookie Cutter designpinterest

24. Avoid boring Cookie Cutter designmeetsebastian

Rethink how lights can be usedSometimes the smallest things make the greatest impact which in this case, is the creative use of a seemingly mundane lighting. In fact, these photos illustrate how interior lighting when used creatively, can really magically transform the most ordinarily looking spaces.

Tip: Decorative interior lightnings need to be strategically placed to achieve the greatest impact 

Copper-SomTam-04Interior Designer: Copper Design Associates

20. Avoid boring Cookie Cutter designhunterandrichards

21. Avoid boring Cookie Cutter designatelier-zafari

22. Avoid boring Cookie Cutter designlocusdigital

23. Avoid boring Cookie Cutter designenlightermagazine

Create Surprises in the most unsuspecting placesSpring pleasant surprises in the most unsuspecting places where your guests least expect it!

projectfile-StPatrick-08Interior Designer: Project File

06. Avoid boring Cookie Cutter designanothermag

Home Office Interior Design Photoshomestoreky

The Interior Design Ideas Home Decorating Unique Wall Shelves 1 With Regard To Interior Design On Wall At Home Plan - Www.Seapeche.Com

Dividers, screens or partitions need not be made of solid wallsUnconventional dividers, screens or wall partition can be made of patterned wood, ventilation blocks or even plastic. Decorative screens or wall partition can dramatically change the room design by adding immerse visual interest.

fuseconcept-btbatok-04Interior Designer: Fuse Concept

03. Avoid boring Cookie Cutter

04. Avoid boring Cookie Cutter designlushome.

05. Avoid boring Cookie Cutter designaustralmasonry

25. Avoid boring Cookie Cutter

Use unique furnishings which were upcycledUsed household items can be turned into something really useful and stylish.

Tip: Discuss with your renovation professionals on how to re-purpose old hand-me-down household items into something useful

10. Avoid boring Cookie Cutter designwhippedstyle

11. Avoid boring Cookie Cutter designlikecool

12. Avoid boring Cookie Cutter designalmostbohemian

13. Avoid boring Cookie Cutter designhouzz

14. 15. Avoid boring Cookie Cutter designpinterest

16. Avoid boring Cookie Cutter designbrookegiannetti

Challenge conventional notion that everything must matchUsing patchwork patterns mismatched tiles and even furniture! This will make Unconventional decor statements that will leave lasting impression.

PrintInterior Designer: GS ID

01. Avoid boring Cookie Cutter

02. Avoid boring Cookie Cutter & houzz

09. Avoid boring Cookie Cutter designinlovewithdecor

Datlaz-Interior-Bedroom007Interior Design: D’Atlaz

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