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6 Top Bathroom Surface Trends for 2018

We’re a month into the new year, and already we’re seeing plenty of design trends emerging. If the first 30 days is anything to go by, we’re looking at a fabulous year ahead for interior design.

Previously, we’ve looked at kitchen design trends you will see more of in Singapore for 2018 as well as trends Pinterest says will be big this year. In today’s roundup, we’re focusing on bathroom surfaces.

Surfaces in the bathroom like your vanity tops, walls, cabinets and flooring are really important. With all the moisture and humidity around, they’ll actually need to be quite robust and hardwearing. But that doesn’t mean they can’t also be pretty. 

What’s so great about these six trends that we’ve collated here is that they feel so timeless, which is kinda like an oxymoron if you think about it. What this means is that the trends can work for you year after year after year, and you won’t ever tire of it! Now, how great is that?


1. Nude and Neutral

Design: Artistroom

When it comes to the colour trend for bathroom surfaces, it has to be neutral. Neutrals like whites, blacks, greys and taupe are having a big moment this year – and not just in the bathroom. Not a fan of beige? Go for an equally classic monochromatic scheme, or  a navy blue-and-white combo. The former is great for the minimalist while the latter offers up a really fresh and contemporary look for the bathroom.

Design: Wolf Woof


2. Matte

Design: Urban Habitat Design

Goodbye gloss and hello, matte in 2018. While gloss surfaces have their benefits – they are really good at reflecting light, which will make your bathroom appear bigger – we’re pushing it aside for now in favour of their unpolished and more understated cousins. Not only are matte surfaces safer for bathrooms because they are less slippery when wet, they are a great choice if you’re after a serene, yet oh-so-sophisticated environment in your bathroom.

Design: The Scientist

Heads up: While matte surfaces are great for hiding imperfections like scratch marks and dents, they can be tougher to wipe than shiny surfaces!



3. Herringbone

Design: Fuse Concept

We’ve been seeing a lot of this pattern lately, whether in flooring, on kitchen backsplashes or as feature walls. But it’s also making a big splash on bathroom surfaces as well. It’s a lot more fun than laying your tiles in a conventional brick/running bond fashion. A herringbone pattern also creates an immediate focal point and visual impact, even if you’re only using simple white tiles like these.

4. Straight lay

Design: Reimage Decor

Another pattern trend that we’re seeing more of is laying your tiles in a straight set pattern (otherwise also known as the grid pattern). This look works wonders if you use a lot of them at once, and the visual impact is greater if the individual tile is relatively small. Consider enveloping your entire bathroom in a straight set pattern for the best effect and get tiles that are about 2″x8″ if they are rectangle and 4″x4″ or smaller if they are square tiles.

Extra pro design tip: Use contrasting grout lines for a more dramatic look!

Design: Reimage Decor

Design: D5 Studio Image



5. Lookalike marble and wood tiles

Design: Rezt & Relax Interior

When it comes to materials that can be used in the bathroom, porcelain tiles are the most obvious choice, thanks to how hard and dense they are. This makes water harder to penetrate, making them suitable choices for the bathroom. But while porcelain themselves aren’t exactly a new trend, porcelain tiles that look just like marble and wood are increasing in popularity and we’re betting they will be bigger than ever this year.

Marble and wood are elegantly timeless, but because of natural marble’s permeability and porosity and real wood’s susceptibility to warp when it comes in contact with moisture, they don’t make the best materials to use in a bathroom. This is why marble and wood lookalike tiles are so popular – they are a combination of the best of both worlds!

Design: Collective Designs

Design: Third Avenue Studio

6. Cement screed

Design: Meter Cube Interiors

If you haven’t already notice an overarching theme here, it’s that the fanciful has no place in 2018. Instead, we are embracing more pared back looks that can stand the test of time. Our final trend is just like that. Cement screed isn’t the easiest material to work with since it can be prone to cracks, stains and scratches. But it’s a material that develops a wonderful character of its own when left to it over time. Do note that if you’re thinking of using cement screed in your bathroom, make sure your cement mix is incorporated with a waterproof compound. For more tips, check out our comprehensive guide to using cement screed in your home.

Design: Versaform

Design: Story of Us

Do any of the trends strike a chord with you? Let us know in the comments or tell us what else you would like to see on your bathroom surfaces.


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