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6 things homeowners wished they knew before they renovate their Living Room

The living room is the most important space since it is where we spend most of the time bonding with each other in front of the television. A place for pleasure and relaxation, the living room is really a mirror of the homeowners’ personality, therefore it usually sets the tone for the entire renovation style.


1. Wall tiles are in, wallpapers are out!

Although wallpaper is the easiest way to transform a space aesthetically and also makes the walls durable, wall tiling is still the best option to add substantial texture, layer and visual depth to a singular space. In fact, creating feature walls with textured tiles is one of the hottest new fab and other ways to express texture include 3D wall cladding tiles.

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2. Air conditioner placement matters

Planning the home renovation based on floorplan is very challenging since the placement of the air conditioner is not indicated. For instance, a nice feature wall might be ruined by the position of the air conditioner. Furthermore, the most energy-efficient positioning of the air conditioner might not be the most aesthetic or symmetrical. Nevertheless, you should not ignore the factors which will affect the energy-efficiency of the air conditioner since this will shorten the air conditioner’s life span considerably.

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3. Ceiling fan affects ceiling lighting design

You might not realize that opting for a ceiling fan will have implication to your ceiling lighting design! That’s right! If you haven’t noticed, you need to ensure that the ceiling lights have sufficient clearance away from the fans otherwise if the lights are too near and above the fan, there will be flickering shadows. Also, if your flooring is made of super shiny materials (such as marble tiles), it might cause light reflections back towards the ceiling, casting the shadows from the fan onto the ceiling too. Lastly, if your room is shorter than 8 feet, you have to use a low-profile venting fan.

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4. Curtains can make or break your interior design

You might be surprised to learn that the poorly hung drapes and curtains might ruin your interior decoration style, making the room look smaller and shorter than it really is. You see, our eyes automatically equate the dimension and position of the curtains to the windows. So by hanging the curtains from the very top edge of the ceiling, our brains are mislead into thinking that the window is bigger than it actually is. This is a great way to elongate, heighten and brighten a low-slung room.

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5. Furnishing types affect the amount of maintenance needed

The living room is the place where (usually) the biggest entertainment electronics are placed. However, as the electronics are great magnets of dust, they can frustrate even the most meticulous housekeeper. Since dust is made up of stuffs from dirt, pollen, pollutants, fibers, lint and so on, it is best to keep sofa pillows and fabric furnishings to the minimum if you have dust allergies. In fact, a leather sofa is recommended since the sofa is usually the biggest piece of furniture in the living room.

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6. Pulling double duty does not mean having a hot and stuffy room

As the size of the apartment shrinks, sometimes the living room has to pull double duty by functioning as a quasi-kitchen. With such an adjacent, open kitchen setup, one of the issues that you might face is dealing with the heat generated by the gas or conventional electric cookers. You see, with traditional cooking medium, a lot heat is wasted in heating up the kitchen (and your living room) instead of cooking the food. Nevertheless, with the invention of induction cooker, most of the energy is supplied directly to the food by the magnetic field and not wasted. Hence, you have a much cooler room!

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