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6 Things Homeowners Wished They Knew Before They Renovated their Bathroom

Why is bathroom renovation very important?

When it comes to renovation, most of us tend to forget the important role a bathroom plays in a house. In fact, it is tempting to focus and get carried away with the renovation for areas such as the living room or even the kitchen. Hence, when this happens, the bathroom renovation is either neglected or overlooked.

Whilst we may spend a huge proportion of our time in other areas of our home, we should not forget that the bathroom is still the most visited room, where we carry out to necessary daily hygiene functions such as bathing.

“The bathroom is where we start and finish our day.”

Therefore, with the right design and reconfiguration, aside from aesthetic enhancements, the bathroom’s functionality would be greatly improved when poor choices for fixtures and cabinetry are fixed and adequate lighting is in place.

Nevertheless, although the bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house, a bathroom renovation can be time-consuming and costly if it is not done properly. Therefore, I have rounded up a simple list of things which every homeowner should take note of to make ensure that your bathroom renovation project stays on track and within budget.

1. Do not run afoul of the HDB’s renovation regulations

 Although all of the sanitary and plumbing works do not require an HDB permit. However, they are still subjected to HDB’s renovation regulations.  Therefore, do remember to check out the HDB restrictions before the renovation is carried out.

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Common HDB guidelines
Concealed water pipes (originally reconstructed by HDB), precautionary measures should be taken when drilling into walls and the renovation professional is advised to use a metal detector to confirm the exact location of the concealed water pipes before carrying out any drilling. Nails and screws are located away from the concealed water pipes. Floor slab must not be tampered with during the re-positioning of a sink or wash basin or installation of the shower screen.  Existing bathroom and toilet floor finishes should not be replaced or hacked before first 3 years from the date of completion of the block.

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2. The renovation sequence matters!

Completing the bathroom renovation (from top to bottom) will avoid a lot of unnecessary cleaning and renovation mistakes. Therefore, make sure that the ceiling is remodeled first, followed by the walls and then the floors to prevent damage to the newly renovated items.

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Remember to discuss with your renovation professional on the sequence of the renovation before it is carried out.

3. Always have a backup plan!

As mentioned earlier, the bathroom is where we commence and end our day. Aside from having an ample lighting plan, ensure that there are two types of lighting installed in the bathroom so that if one of the bulbs blew, the other one is still available while you fix the replacement bulb.

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Use varying types of lighting color effect (such as warm white or cool white) to create different ambiance in your bathroom. 

4. Measurements does matter

Ensure that you take the actual measurements of the bathroom instead of relying on the floor plan. The location of fixtures such as water pipes, sink, toilet bowl will affect the bathroom renovation. Therefore, make sure that you are armed with the correct measurements when you are discussing the renovation plans with the renovation professionals.

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Take photos of your bathroom and annotate them with the measurements for the renovation professional to better visualise your bathroom.

5. Prevent bathroom mold with grout sealer

The bathroom is a place where it is constantly damp from the high moisture. Such a humid environment makes mold elimination almost impossible. Eliminate the bathroom dampness with the help of fan ventilator help keeps the mold away. In addition, seal the grout lines regularly with a grout sealer to waterproof them.

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The dimensions of wall and floor tiles should be as big as possible to minimise the amount of grout lines in your bathroom. 

6. Cleaning hack on the cheap!

To make cleaning water stains and soap scum off of shower door and walls much easier, use the car windshield water repellent treatment solution regularly to create a ‘non-stick’ surface so that water runs off easily. This prevents scum build-up and irritating water spots and hinders bacteria growth. Looking for some natural cleaners to clean your bathrooms? In addition, using natural DIY bathroom cleaners are much cheaper, chemical free and less hash on your skin too!

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