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6 Things Homeowners Need to Know About Industrial Interior Design

1. What is industrial home interior design?

Industrial home interior design is about revealing raw structural elements and turning them into showpieces. Such radical approach actually goes against what other home interior designs take pains to conceal. Yes, we are talking about walls that are stripped down, ceiling naked with all the wires and cables boldly exposed in all their naked glory!

2. What are the origins of the industrial home interior design?

This design trend could have born out of necessity when homeowners started to convert SoHo lofts, warehouses and factories into homes with minimal overhaul.

Instead of conforming to the mainstream interior designs, the homeowners chose to embrace the original unfinished look by keeping to neutral shades while making features such as wooden beams, brick walls, stainless steel surfaces, metal light fixtures, pipes and even ducts stand out.

In short, this unique style celebrates the beauty in leaving certain home interior elements exposed in their original state. This is a great way to remind the homeowners of the building’s humble heritage. In fact, the liberating nature of the industrial interior design is one of the reasons why it is so popular among the design enthusiasts.

Image from impressiveinteriordesign

3. How to add industrial touches without being gaudy

Going all out to achieve the industrial look for your home interior might backfire and look too tacky! Hence, the key is to inject an industrial character by incorporating a few, not all, elements in your design with other design styles. The materials used in the design should be varied to create a textural interplay. They should also look worn and used in order to add a sense of nostalgia to the space. For instance, the wood used should acquire a warm patina that typically comes with age.

You need to find out the perfect balance of what works for you in order to avoid creating spaces that are too gaudy, masculine or too cold for your taste.


Red exposed brick wall

Image from hometweaks


Image from

Wooden  Pallet Wall

Image from


Image from

Cement Wall

Image from


Image from behangfabriek


Wooden beam ceiling
Image from neptune


Image from indoorsoutdoors.tumblr

Cement Ceiling

Image from pinterest


Image from

Exposed Pipes and Ducts

Image from novoceram

Corrugated metal

Image from smallhousebliss

4. What are the colors palette to choose from?

The color palette used for the industrial design should keep to neutral shades. If you have noticed, the materials such as bricks and cement that are closely associated with the industrial look comes in the same shade as this color palette. Nevertheless, you should add other colors such as white to balance out your space.

Image from

5. Upping the ante of the industrial interior design

If you wish to up the ante of the industrial look, you should consider using an industrial inspired or re-purposed vintage furniture to furnish your space. Nevertheless, making the industrial furniture from reclaimed materials is more environmental and budget friendly than purchasing industrial inspired ones.

Image from woohome

Image from instagram

Image from hative

Image from astuces-bricolage

Image from coolest-gadgets

6. Mix and match different styles together

Decor trends tend to come and go, so avoid overdoing your interior design such that every single corner and furniture piece screams industrial at you! This is because you will have to overhaul your place when the trend becomes dated. So, by meshing the industrial look with other styles is an ingenious way to bring visual balance to your space. For instance, you can juxtapose the raw look with the modern and classic to create an unfinished yet chic appeal.

Images from cromadesign

Logo design from freepik

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