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6 Popular Home Interior Designs to Easily Jump Start your Renovation Journey Now!

For many 1st time homeowners, choosing the right home interior design theme can be downright daunting, especially since there is an incredible range of designs to choose from! Hence, doing a bit of research can make this process so much easier and faster, and well worth the effort! So, here is a quick 2 min guide on our popular home interior designs picks to get you started.

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#1. Going bright and cheerful

Home interiors which are decked out in vibrant and cheerful colours are very appealing, especially to those who are attracted to the dynamic and youthful vibes. Such a rich colour palette can be easily achieved t can be easily achieved through the use of bright accents, which are usually in the form of strategically placed furniture and soft furnishings.

Tip: Use a colour wheel to help you pick the right coloirs! “Complimentary colours are colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel. Examples would be blue and orange, red and green, Yellow and purple, etc. Complementary coloir schemes create a high amount of contrast, but can create a lot of visual vibration when they are used at full saturation.” – Sitepoint.

Design: GS ID

Design: Home Concepts Interior & Design


#2. Pop art exuberance

This home interior design is distinctive since it pays homage to the graphic art style and pop artists of the “rock and roll” 60s. Think homes that are outfitted in dynamic, flashy colours and patterns such as bright yellow, red, blue and geometric patterned wallpaper.  Nevertheless, although the updated version calls for the use of slightly muted colours, they still exude an air of youth and exuberance!

Tip: Posters or paintings of iconic artists, such as Marilyn Monroe, help to capture the 1960s artistic fluorescence brilliantly.

Design: I-Bridge Design


#3. Eccentric Fun

Eccentric home design is one of the easiest and most adventurous style to pursue since you can choose to utilize a wide mixture of colours, whimsical objects, furnishings (such as antiques, artworks and contrasting textured tiles) to achieve the much coveted busy and bohemian look. As a result of this bold approach, every eccentric home is extremely rich in detail and as unique as your fingerprints!

Tip: Go for this design approach if you wish to have a totally out-of-the-box, unique concept to showcase your individuality!

Design: H2O Interior Renovation

Design: Hue Concept


#4. Pleasant Surprises

Give common home interior designs a gritty spin by incorporating unexpected hues of colour, ceiling or ambience lightning and unusual carpentry. To create visual focus,  clean lines and consistent colour schemes help to cohesively pull the striking look together.

Tip: In the pursuit of the most unforgettable and unique home design, most forgot that the interiors that surprise and delight their guests are the ones that leave the deepest impression. The most effective way is to focus on one detail that stands out the most.


#5. Going aquatic marine

For coast enthusiasts who enjoy the sun, the sand and the sea, the nautical design theme is heavily characterized by the use of fresh blue azure colours set against the white walls and floors. Accessories, beach-inspired textiles, decorative elements such as boat paddles, anchors and wooden steering wheels are the sure-fire ways to instantly inject some coastal chic in the home interiors, and make you feel as if the ocean is just next door.

Tip: The easiest way to create this sun washed, seaside getaway look is to use materials such as fishing nets, rattan baskets, white washed logs and sea shells along with walls and floors washed in stark white, soft blue, beige and stone gray. These decorations can be cheaply purchased from the Taobao online store.

Design: Innerglow Design

Design: Inspire ID Group


#6. Dreamy with pastel love

In the past, pastel colours are closely associated with femininity, babies and nurseries. However, times have changed, pastels are beautiful subtle hues used to re-balance the heavy earth colours among these two colour spectrums and add a soothing touch to the interior spaces. In fact, pastel colours are extremely versatile since they are able to blend in seamlessly with materials such as wood, stone, concrete and even marble!

Tip: If you are still unsure if pastel colours is suitable for you, you should shortlist the furniture which you want first before deciding on the colours to use. Generally, soft colours such as mint, light hues of green and blue are “safe” choices.

Design: The Scientist

Design: DSOD Interior

Design: Versaform

Design: Free Space Intent

Design: The Monocot Studio

Design: Tab Gallery


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