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6 Must-Know Renovation Lessons


I was asked to share the 3 most important renovation lessons that I have learnt during a recent party. You see, some of my pals are planning for their home renovation and thus, they hoped that this simple question will at least save them some headaches and sleepless nights.
Well, I am sure most of you are thinking of the same thing too. Hence instead of sharing the top 3, I will share 6 insights in this 2 part blog post. I hope you find them useful in your renovation. Although these insights will not guarantee a mistake proof renovation, at least they will help you keep your sanity during the makeover process.

Nonetheless before I start, let us take a step backwards and reflect on the main purpose of a home renovation:

The goal of any home renovation project is to transform a house into your home; a place where you can feel comfortable in. In fact, it should be where you wish to retire after a hard day’s work.

In short, a home is truly your heart lies.

With that in mind, let me start on the first tip.


1. Lifestyle

Lifestyle simply refers to your habits and the typical way you go about daily living. Hence identifying your lifestyle is the very first and foremost thing since this will help you tremendously when making decisions during in the renovation process.

For instance, since I utilised the kitchen a lot, I decided to direct more time and funds in this area. In addition, due to my work demands, I hardly have time to housekeep and thus decided to keep the interior as minimal as possible. Nevertheless, I am glad to say this worked for me even after 7 years.


2. Trends

Admittedly, one of the most enjoyable parts of the renovation journey is to incorporate interior design trends into the home interiors.

However, I have come to terms to the fact that we shouldn’t follow design trends blindly and they can only serve as a guideline.

To cite an example, since the trend was towards big furniture and kitchen back then, I actually toyed with the idea of infusing these into my home interiors since there is plenty of space to play with.

However, I later came to realise that big furniture overwhelmed my peitie frame and huge kitchen actually made it more difficult for me to cook as the tiny me have to scuttle around the kitchen whilst cooking.

Therefore, we should try to find the best fit and strike a balance between our needs, lifestyle and interior design trends.


3. Details

Remember; the devil is in the details.

Even though we have to focus on the big picture, we should never neglect the details. In actuality, details are usually the ones that will bring tremendous joy when you are at home.

What sort of details you might wonder? To illustrate, since I use a robotic vacuum clearer, I have to ensure that my electronic helper is able to fit underneath my bookshelf while it is carrying out its work. I also came to discover that getting the toilet gout lines pretreated with anti-mould sealant helps to keep the nasty green stuff away and so on. Well, if I have taken care of these details during my renovation, I would have saved a lot of sweat and tears.


I hope that these tips are useful in your renovation. I will follow-up with the rest of the pointers in my next post.
Do have a great week ahead! 😉

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