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6 Interesting Kitchen Layouts and Their Benefits

The kitchen is where all the fun and activities take place, and probably one of the busiest places in the house. All sorts of funny recipes are conjured here, people flock here for lively chitchat during parties and gatherings, and it even doubles up as a dining room sometimes. In the past, there used to be certain fixed arrangements for kitchens but nowadays, where borders of creativity and design are constantly expanding, many variations have surfaced. In fact, most kitchen designs today are an amalgamation of a couple of layouts. Here are 6 of the most common found in Singapore, along with some advantages.


1. One-Wall

As its name suggests, this design literally takes up only one stretch of wall space. It is good for small homes because everything is packed into a single space. All materials and appliances are also within easy reach. In addition, cleaning up is made fast and simple since there isn’t much ground to cover.

Interior Designer: Sky Creation Design
Location: Anchorvale Road



2. Galley/Corridor Style

Efficient cooking is a given here since this layout takes its name from the gallery, or kitchen, of a ship or airplane. With two separate counters in parallel on both sides of the kitchen, the process of cooking is facilitated. For instance, raw ingredients can be chopped and marinated on one side while something else is brewing in a pot on the stove.

Interior Designer: 9 Creation
Location: Punggol




3. L-Shaped

If you’re the type of person who agrees with the saying, “the more the merrier”, then this is the layout for you. Not only is such an arrangement accommodating enough for multiple people to cook at the same time, there is also enough room for guests to mingle during parties and celebrations.

Interior Designer: Ace Space Design
Location: Woodlands St 82



4. L-Shaped + Island

This artful conception is an extension of the L-Shaped layout. Flexibility is maximised here as the raised bar top makes a great place for casual dining or drinks. Cooking, entertaining, and hanging out — you can do all three in the same place.

Interior Designer: Space Define Interior
Location: 22 Sunbird Road



5. U-Shaped

All solo cooks gather. The U-shaped layout was made for you. As you get your cooking on, feel free to put on the radio and even sing along because this space offers a certain level of privacy and cosiness. It’s almost as though you’re in a mini segregated zone.

Interior Designer: Inside Living




6. U-Shaped + Island

Calling out to social butterflies who can’t go a day without pouring your hearts out in cheerful conversation with fellow humans. You’d be surprised at how a simple addition of an island transforms the U-shaped layout into one that is fun and interactive. Now more people can sit around to chat, attempt to tweak the recipe for that chicken awaiting to be set in the oven, or, if they want to, help with cleaning up.

Interior Designer: Space Define Interior

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