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6 Hours of Showering!

If you actually kept track of the amount of time spent on twisting the face of your shower head to select a desired spray, you’ll be shocked at how much time you’ve wasted. And we all know that time is money, right? Here’s a brief calculation: if you spend as little as one minute per shower (there are people who spend way more), take one shower a day for an entire year, you would’ve spent 6 whole hours and 5 minutes on such a tiny task. Now think about the people who take two or three showers a day.

Water pressure is also another issue that bugs many. Weak water jets are the absolute worst because it takes a lot more effort to rinse off shampoo and foam. I used to know a friend who simply loathed taking showers, not because she was lazy or anything, but because she just couldn’t find it in herself to deal with the annoyingly feeble spray pressure.

I know. I hear your frustration. To enjoy a more pleasant shower experience, you’re going to have to know how to click all the right buttons. Hansgrohe’s latest SELECT technology allows you to do just that — yes, you’ll literally only need to click a button. Allow me to clue you in further…

Studies and observations conducted at the Hansgrohe shower lab have shown that most people can be divided into three showering types: efficient, pleasure, and focus. To effectively cater to these various types, the Raindance Select showers were created.


“Children often find a gentle spray more pleasant. Women with long hair need a forceful spray for rinsing out shampoo. And many people want both: a powerful downpour in the morning, and a gentle, relaxing shower in the evening. Our conclusion was therefore that a shower must be able to provide both. The new Raindance Select hand showers accordingly offer the right solution for everyone to enjoy their shower.” Switching between various spray types is now possible by pushing the Select button, ergonomically placed at the front of the spray handle. Each simple click oscillates among the three spray types available – Rain spray, which is strong and powerful, RainAir, which dispenses water in gentle, airy strokes, and Whirl massage, where the water jets spiral continuously.

Raindance Select E 150 3jet hand shower in Chrome
Raindance Select E 150 3jet hand shower in White/Chrome
Raindance Select S 120 3jet hand shower in Chrome
Raindance Select S 120 3jet hand shower in White/Chrome

The same goes for overhead showers. The new Raindance Select E 300 3jet overhead shower continuously delivers two different rain sprays across the entire area of the shower face. And here’s another timely piece of good news: unlike conventional flood jets, which taper down along their trajectory, the RainStream ensures powerful gushes of water throughout. I guess I’ve found a solution that’s really going to please that friend of mine.

Raindance Select E 300 3jet overhead shower with shower arm 390 mm

To make your shower extra delightful, be sure you complete the setup with Select Showerpipes and ShowerTablet. The Raindance Select E 300 3jet Showerpipe combines all the advantages and technologies of the new individual products featuring Select technology in one system. The ShowerTablet Select 300 doubles as an intelligent shower control unit and a beautiful shelf space. The new multi-functional thermostat offers two functions simultaneously: it reliably controls the water volume and temperature, and it acts as a generously dimensioned shelf space for shower essentials with its 300-millimetre wide surface made of high-quality safety glass.

Raindance Select E 300 3jet Showerpipe in White Chrome
ShowerTablet 300

which doubles as an intelligent shower control unit and a beautiful shelf space.

Congratulations! You can now happily bid all your shower troubles goodbye.
To find out more, visit or Hansgrohe Boutique at 69 Mohamed Sultan Road to start making your showering experience pleasurable and luxurious.

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