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6 Hacks that make IKEA Products Look Expensive and Sandi-boutique!

6 Hacks that make IKEA Products Look Expensive and Sandi-boutiqueAs much as homeowners are in love with IKEA – the mecca of affordable furnishing – and its famous Swedish meatballs, there’s no denying the brand’s products are associated with inexpensively made.

Inexpensively made means cheap. Cheap is somewhat associated with cheapskate. Being a cheapskate risks being labelled as “boh-class a.k.a no-class. Therefore, ironically due to the “Cheap” factor, there are also homeowners who refrain themselves from purchasing IKEA products.

Nevertheless, the good news is that there are many ways to transform these from ubiquitous, mass market look to Sandi-boutique style. Yes, they are definitely Instagram worthy too after the makeover! In fact, making furniture look “atas and expensive has become a legitimate noble obsession for IKEA hackers. Furthermore, their hacks are instrumental in helping homeowners keep their renovation costs within their budget!

So, do read on for a few of our favorite hacks to put a sleek looking tux on the IKEA furnishing!


Painting furniture is the most economical and fastest ways to transform boring cookie-cutter IKEA pieces into masterpieces which you can truly call your own.

Tip: Purchase your paint from ArtFriend or DIY stores such as Home-fix or SelfFix.

Ikea hack_expensive_01Image from craftynest

Ikea hack_expensive_02Image from poppytalk

Ikea hack_expensive_17Image from domino

Ikea_hack2If painting is not your cup of tea, you can consider wallpapering the IKEA furniture. This option is definitely fuss free and most importantly, you get a whole range of wallpaper designs to choose from!

Tip: Use leftover wallpapers and clear polycrylic protective finish over the wallpaper as protective topcoat. Wallpaper places where people least expected; such as insides or even sides of a drawer.

Ikea hack_expensive_03Image from foter

Ikea hack_expensive_04Image from chelseylifeanddesign

Ikea_hack3Up the wow factor of an IKEA table, chair or sofa by slimming the profile of the IKEA legs with a wood saw and use gold or silver paint over them.

Ikea hack_expensive_05Image from instagram
 Ikea hack_expensive_06Image from brittanymakes

Tip: You can also swap out their dated legs with new shiny ones! In fact, Prettypegs which ships globally, sells fancy furniture legs designed specifically for IKEA furniture! 

Ikea hack_expensive_10Image from Prettypegs


Ikea_hack4Being low cost, most IKEA dresser or drawers do not come with knobs. Hence, installing fancy looking knobs or long metallic bar pulls can dramatically upgrade the look of your IKEA cabinetry!

Ikea hack_expensive_07Image from sarahshermansamuel

Ikea hack_expensive_08

Image from findingsilverpennies

Extra Tip: Superfront ships ready made handles AND legs specially designed for IKEA furniture to Singapore!

Ikea hack_expensive_09Images from Superfront


Ikea_hack5Furniture that makes use of marble is very expensive. However, a faux marble contact paper which is also known as self adhesive vinyl decal, makes it extremely easy for you to imitate such level of luxe with any piece of furniture!

Tip: You can consider ordering cheaper faux marble vinyl from Taobao!

Ikea hack_expensive_11Image from poppytalk

Ikea hack_expensive_12Image from huntedinterior


A vintage rope, brass corner plates and brass fabric nails will make any lackluster IKEA products irresistibly chic and elegant!

Ikea hack_expensive_14Image from  homedit

Ikea hack_expensive_15Image from littlegreennotebook

Ikea hack_expensive_16Image from hikeahackers

There you have it!
6 IKEA hacks that will make your IKEA purchases from bland….
to bespoke and  expensive-looking without breaking your bank!

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