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HomeHub: 6 Fancy Ways to Place Your TV

Because the living room is the entertainment hub of the house where warm family gatherings, exciting parties with friends, and movie screenings are held, we want to make sure we deck it nice and proper. The “star attraction” of the living room is none other than the television. Having a proper stand for it is essential for obvious reasons. There are quite a few types of television stands with varying purposes. We’re here to help you pick one that suits your home.


1. Floating television stands

One of the most common designs in Singaporean homes, a wall-mounted unit allows for free floor space and a neat, subdued look. Televisions can be stood on top, or wall-mounted above the floating stand.





Interior Designers: JSR Design & Renovation, Edge Interior, Chapter B, Space Sense Studio


2. Hutch

Cabinets or shelves are stacked atop a horizontal counter space. The television stand is but one of many variations. This is a greatly practical option for people who constantly find themselves in need of additional room to store items. With such an arrangement, you not only seamlessly incorporate the television into the overall design but achieve a clutter-free appearance at the same time. That’s two birds with one stone!


Interior Designer: I-Bridge Design


3. Cabinet

The entire television can be hidden when not in use. This is useful for people who want to keep their homes neat and tidy.



Interior Designer: DISTINCTidENTITY


4. Console

What’s good about the console design is that it has a complete shape that includes proper shelving and sufficient surface area.


Interior Designers: Innerglow Design


5. Entertainment center

The entertainment center (not to be confused with hutch) can really add an element of wow to a living room. With its grand size, it acts as a sort of hub for associated electronics, as well as other displays.


Interior Designer: Project File


6. Stand with audio towers

The television stand with audio towers is an interchangeable form that looks and functions similar to an entertainment center. Usually, a pair of tall, structured shelves would flank the central stand and television (in this case it’s full-sized speakers).


Interior Designer: Story of Us


Materials to consider

-Wood: The material everybody is very familiar with is also the most common television stand construction. Given its versatility in terms of breadth, style, colour, and utility, wood remains a popular choice amongst homeowners today.

-Metal: A metal television stand is more lightweight, and potentially has a slimmer profile compared to wood. A wide variety of unique patterns and cuts can be formed using metal, therefore allowing you more options in terms of design.

-Glass: Glass models infuse the entertainment space with a brazen, dynamic appearance, opening the visual space and revealing the electronics tactfully. Usually fitted together with metal support pieces, glass television stands are excellent for those who value a clutter-free space.


As seen in the pictures above, television stand designs nowadays can be very flexible. It largely depends on what you like and enjoy. You can always come up with fresh ideas and explore other materials such as marble to give your living room a more unique feel.

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