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6 Epic Ways to Accent your Wall without Paint – All you need to know before embarking your DIY Renovation Journey Part 10

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Turning a clinically white wall into a serious style statement can be a headache, especially when one is looking for a solution that is cheap, simple and yet delivers maximum impact!

A white washed wall is an excellent canvas for us to experiment with ways to inject an individual style into our home. We can try out a colour or design on a much smaller scale prior scaling up to a bigger one. In fact, a plain wall is very useful for us to trial with colourful colours, patterns, photographs and wall decorations!

So, here is a list of ideas which we have shortlisted during our DIY renovation journey to add a dramatic focal point in our living room. Yes! turning the wall from “blah” to “wah” is never so easy!

1. Recycle with antique vinyl album sleeve

Source: instructables

Rows of antique vinyl album sleeve make an excellent and dramatic wall feature. They are practical too, since they can be easily accessed from the top of the sleeve. You can also do the same with your old compact discs or DVD covers.

Get your contractor to make these vinyl record frames with these instructions.

2. Flaunt in style with your Penmanship

Source: eastcoastcreativeblog

Show off your DIY skills by flaunting your creativity with black paint and calligraphy paint brush! Use inspirational words or quotes to add depth and meaning to your private space.


Check out the DIY instructions here.

3. Create an incredible wall porcelain garden

Source: livemaster

Liven up the plain walls with amazing 3d floral artwork! Capture the essence of the floral, seasonal blooms in your very own living room! These incredible artistic works are from a famous British artist, Vanessa Hogge.

You can find cheaper wall pieces from taobao too.

4. Go wild with removable Washi tapes


Wall decals and wallpapers are so passé. Now, cheaper, colourful, patterned Japanese paper tapes for the home interiors are extremely popular. They are so versatile, they can be taped on almost anything. From cupboards, wardrobes, doors and now, even walls! The best part is that they can be removed anytime* – so feel free to change your mind and let your imagination go bonkers!

Purchase your  washi tapes from mt CASA, the leading producer of washi tape.
*Depending on the type of surface, the surface of some places may be removed or a trace may be seen after removing mt. Before using, please first paste it in an obscure location to check.

5. Decorate with removable Wallpapers

Source: Removable wallpaper

If patterned Japanese Washi tapes are too radical for you, but still prefer the versatility of having the option to remove the wallpaper whenever you change your mind, you can also opt for removable wallpapers. the wallpaper will come off easily. Removable wallpaper does not need steamer or water and it would come down in full sheets without much hassle. Such wallpaper is perfect for homeowners who love to decorate or changes their mind frequently – like us!


Check with the vendor if the wallpaper it is retailing is removable. You can check out the high quality removable wallpaper from Australia.

6. Upcycle with leftover laminates

Image from randomenthusiasm

If you have been collecting tons of laminate samples, instead of throwing them away after they have outlived their purpose, you could repurpose the laminate samples to create wall art.


Get your contractor’s assistance to cut the laminate into your desired shapes and sizes pieces prior mounting them onto a canvas.


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