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6 Easy Tips For Caring For Your Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring can enhance any room decor or space. In fact, today there are so many designs and styles to choose from. Coloured patterns or different hues, vinyl flooring can certainly help to perk up your home decor theme.

Vinyl flooring in Singapore has so many new designs and styles to choose from that you would surely get confused. Here are 6 easy tips for caring for your vinyl flooring. Read on:

1. Remove The Dust

It is important that you use a vacuum cleaner or a broom to remove the dust settled on the flooring regularly. Regular cleaning ensures that there is no built up of dust or dirt on the floor which makes the floor look clean and bright.

2. Use Mop

Use a mop after every two days to clean your vinyl flooring. A damp mop will help to remove the dirt and brighten up your floor. But don’t overuse the mop as it may affect the texture of your flooring.

3. Avoid Sharp Things

It is good to avoid rubber bottoms or sharp objects on your vinyl flooring because they can damage the flooring and cause staining.

4. Use Protective Pads Or Rugs

If you want to protect your vinyl flooring, use protective pads or rugs under furniture. Heavy furniture can cause damage or scratches on the floor, so you need to be extra careful about it.

5. Clean The Floor

Clean the vinyl flooring with mild detergent or soft soap liquid but do not use harsh abrasive powders, varnish or oil-based products. Harsh products will affect the texture of your floor making it look dull.

6. For Different Stains

Clean oil or ink stains with diluted alcohol. Pen and marker stains can be cleaned with white spirits and a piece of cloth. Rust on the floor can be cleaned with anti-rust solution and water.

By taking care of your vinyl flooring in the right way, you can make your floor shine for many years. The right care helps to maintain the colour and enhance the sheen.


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