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6 Alternative Places for Home Dining

Are you thinking of an alternative place to convert into a dining area? Is your apartment so small that it hardly has any space for a formal dining room? If either of these scenarios apply, then you have come to the right place! By just thinking out of the box, you would be surprised at the list of alternative areas which you can use for dining. In addition, do not let a compact apartment derail your plans for a proper dining room! Today, let us show you how you can create your alternative dining area even when your home does not have space for one!


#1. Dining at the Balcony

Your balcony can be easily turned into an al fresco dining private space to make more efficient use of the limited space. However, since the Singapore’s tropical climate comes with abundant rainfall, you should invest in a sturdy set of outdoor blinds or an enclosed blind to keep the dust and rain out.

Design: Carpenters by Habitat

Image from Casadevalentina

Tip: Remember to leave at least a minimum of a distance of 60 cm for walking around the parameter of the table and chairs (from the balcony wall and sliding doors) to ensure that your dining experience is comfortable.


#2. Living Room Pulling Double Duty as a Dining Room

Another popular way is to make the living room multi-functional; which is to make the living room pull double duty. Hence a living room, where your family watches TV, can also be doubled up as a cosy dining area to host your family’s meals.

Design: AC Vision Design

Design: Collective Designs

Tip: You should customize a banquette seating, which is a built-in bench that helps to maximize the seating area. Banquette is very useful in minimizing the footprint of the entire dining area. In fact, such seating arrangements are ideal for small dining spaces since they eliminate the space needed to set aside for the chairs. Also, you can also use a fold-able or extendable dining table to make your living cum dining room look more spacious than it really is!


#3. Kitchen Doubles up as a Dining Room

A kitchen cum dining room is a concept that slowly gains popularity in recent years when the size of the apartment gradually gets trimmed. Such design is recommended for open-concept layout since it makes the small kitchen feel bigger and brighter when cooking, cleaning and eating are carried out in one space.

Design: Altered Interior Associates

Image from KF Group

Tip: A wall-mounted, fold-able or extendable dining table helps to make space for cooking and cleaning activities before the dining takes place. In addition, you can consider extending your kitchen island to create a simple dining area.


#4. Keeping the Dining Area Minimal and Simple at Corridors

Slim dining tables with communal clean-cut benches are perfect for maximum seating capacity in a narrow and linear shaped room. With its almost shelf-like counter-top appearance and benches, they are great choices for long and compact corridors where space is a premium.

Image from Remodelista

Tip:  Go for “less-is-more” and install wheels to make the dining furniture easy to move about when you need to reconfigure the narrow space.


#5. Alfresco Patio Dining

Some Condominium projects, such as Beacon Heights, have ground units that come with very generous sized patio. In actuality, patios are great for outdoor parties or a private, intimate dining experience when beautiful vines and lush plants envelop the patio in their green, leafy splendour!

Design:  Black N White House

Image from Lepsiebyvanie

Tips:  Place the dining table either near a door or a kitchen so the indoors are easier to access and trips to the kitchen would be much shorter. Provide ample shade and shelter, in the form of outdoor umbrellas or shades, to protect the dining area from natural elements.


#6. Dining at the Rooftop!

If you are living in a penthouse, you should consider moving the dining area to your rooftop to take your dining experience up another level…literally! Rooftops are also great for BBQ gatherings too.

Design: AkiHaus

Design: Copper Design Associates

Tip:  Fashion an ultimate, luxurious rooftop dining area by ensuring all your seating arrangements face the most scenic view. In addition, you should consider installing awnings to protect the dining area from the harsh afternoon sun and rain.


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