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5 Ways to Drain Fly Proof Your Home

If you are not vigilant, the drain flies will still re-infest your kitchen and bathrooms, even after you have successfully gotten rid of them. For the uninitiated, drain flies are also known as moth flies, sewer flies, filter flies and even sewer gnats. Furthermore, drain flies are often mistaken for fruit flies. When magnified a few thousand times, drain flies are miniature versions of the cute and fuzzy moths with their hairy body and legs. When they are crushed, drain flies leave behind a distinctive powdery smudge on walls and floors.

Image from Paramount Exterminating

Do you know?

Drain Flies are Rapid Breeder

Drain flies reproduce extremely fast and therefore, they can infest multiple sites in your home within a few days.

Drain Flies Thrive in Moist and Damp Habitats

Drain flies thrive in any areas that are damp and wet. Hence, they are commonly found in sink, laundry, bathroom and kitchen drainage pipes.  This is because the drainage pipe traps decaying, organic material which is the source of food for the drain flies. 

Drain Flies are Health Concerns

Although drain flies have not been reported to transmit any diseases to humans, they still contaminate food and intensify bronchial asthma conditions in certain people. Furthermore, since the drain flies breed rapidly, these health concerns will intensify by multiple times within a matter of days!

Hence, even after you have gotten rid of these drain flies, you still have to keep them from external sources from getting into your home again to ensure that they do not reinfect your home!

So here are ways to strategically remove these pesty drain flies from your home permanently. There is a saying that implementing a good cyber security plan is like an onion, there are different layers to address various loopholes to ensure there are proper security measurements in place. The same goes for preventing drain flies from reentering your home!


1. Create a Honey Trap

Surprisingly, the ubiquitous white or apple cider vinegar is an effective drain fly killer. The vinegar trap idea is similar to the common sticky house fly trap which contains a natural attractant to lure and trap house flies. Hence, the drain flies will be attracted to the vinegar and drown themselves when they dive into the vinegar trap.

How to create a simple vinegar drain fly trap

Image from Flies Only

1. Fill up a glass bottle with 1/4 of white or apple cider vinegar.
2. Either cover the glass bottle opening with glad wrap or with the glass bottle cover.
3. Puncture multiple holes in the glad wrap or the glass bottle cover.
4. Set the trap near all the drainage pipe openings.


2. Install Insect Screens for Windows

An insect screen is designed to keep out insects by covering the window openings without blocking the airflow. The screen is made of either metal, fiberglass or synthetic fiber mesh stretched over the frame made of wood, plastic or metal. Since the moth flies measure from 1.5 mm onwards, the size of the fine mesh gaps should not be bigger than 1.5 mm.

Image from Insect Screens


3. Install Balcony Blinds

If you reply on balconies for natural ventilation, you can consider installing outdoor, “zip” balcony blinds to keep out rain, insects and other annoyances. As compared to the traditional outdoor roller blinds, there are no gaps between the blinds and “zip” balcony blinds can be operated manually or motorized. The screen is made of synthetic fiber mesh which can be rolled up and retracted when not in use. Similarly, since the moth flies measure from 1.5 mm onwards, the size of the fine fiber mesh gaps should not be bigger than 1.5 mm.

Image from Shadewell


4. Insect Strip Your Doors

A properly sealed door will keep out unwanted intruders and dust from getting into your home. The gaps below the doors will provide ample opportunity for the moth flies to crawl into your house. You can install an aluminum or rubber strip under the door, combined with a door sweep to further drain fly proof your home.

Image from Easy Comforts

Image from Bottom Door


5. Cover the Drainage Pipe Opening

Since the drain outlets in the shower will continue to be wet and moist, continue covering all these drain outlets and pipes with clear plastic covers. Move these covers away when you are using the shower and place them back on the shower drain outlet to prevent the drain fly from nesting in these places.


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