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5 Wall Panel Styles So Your Home Can Look Atas

Wall panelling is a beautiful way to add texture and dimension to a space, and the best thing is that they don’t take up very much room so it’s a great design element even in smaller apartments. Invite a sophisticated and polished setting to your home with picture frame moulding or go with a fun chevron-patterned panelling for a Scandinavian flair. Here are some ideas:


1. Picture Frame Moulding

This moulding is conventionally seen in Modern English/Victorian themed homes. But it works even in simpler, less dramatic themes like casual Scandinavian or clean-cut contemporary. So called because it looks just like a picture frame, you can use it to frame or accentuate things on your walls. Or leave it plain for an elegant feel.

The picture frame moulding feels right at home in this Modern Victorian setting. It creates an added dimension to the pink wall, while serving to highlight the framed art pieces.
Design: The Scientist

Picture frame moulding works even in a sleek, contemporary living room.
Design: Third Avenue Studio

The wall treatment is kept just to the TV wall to avoid this Scandi-themed space from being overly ostentatious.
Design: Shijin Design Consultancy


2. Square and Boxy

Here’s a modern take on wall moulding that we’ve been seeing popping up everywhere on Pinterest. It works perfectly as a feature or accent wall even if you’re painting it the same colour as the rest of the surfaces in your space. Because of how graphic it looks, keep it to a single wall for the best visual effect.

Lined along the corridor of this HDB flat, the square wall moulding mirrors the black-framed glass panels on the other side.
Design: Fifth Avenue Interior

Awash in a deep, matte black, the boxy wall moulding serves as a headboard and feature wall in the bedroom.
Image courtesy of Bemz

Painted in the same hue as the open shelving, the boxy moulding blends into the background rather than stand out in this timelessly-designed workstation.
Image courtesy of Jack Hobhouse


3. Chevron-Patterned

For something quirkier, we like chevron-patterned moulding. Reminiscent of knitted wool sweaters, they are great in less formal settings like a Scandinavian home or a rustic, country style apartment.

A white-washed bedroom made interesting with the chevron-patterned wall.
Image courtesy of Crescent Homes

The chevron-patterned wall complements the rustic décor of this home office.
Image courtesy of Pinterest


4. Vertical Wall Panelling

Caution: This wall treatment can feel a little bit dated if you don’t paint it the right colour. For a more sophisticated and modern feel, opt for bolder hues like dark grey or black. Avoid gentler colours like pastels.

Rustic wood planks juxtapose against the black-painted vertical wall panel in this study.
Image courtesy of Pinterest

The entryway structure with hooks for bags and other accessories is done up in a vertical beadboard pattern.
Image courtesy of Alyssa Rosenheck


5. Wainscoting

This wall treatment is only done to a portion of the wall, rather than the entire length of it. In Victorian homes of yesteryear, they were more commonly used in less formal spaces like the entranceways, corridors or bathroom. Today, they can be seen in any part of the home but depending on the length, they can offer up very different looks. Shorter wainscoting is more casual while longer wainscoting e.g. two-thirds of a wall, can look very posh.

The passageway is decked out in a low wainscoting wall, providing a visual interest in this HDB passageway.
Design: Home Guide

The wainscoted wall panels are painted white, contrasting with the pale blue walls of this corridor space.
Design: The Scientist

A higher wainscoting wall lends a more formal feel to a room.
Image courtesy of Domino


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