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5 things homeowners wished they knew before they renovate their kitchen

Managing a kitchen remodel is becoming more challenging since the kitchen’s role has evolved from a utilitarian space into a multi-functional area. Yes, aside from cooking and dining, the kitchen is also a place to entertain guests. Furthermore, it sometimes even doubles up as a laundry room in smaller apartments! In other words, a successful kitchen renovation is one that is small on space but big on practicality, efficiency and style.

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1. Kitchen Work Zones are In, Kitchen Work Triangle is Out

The concept of the Kitchen Work Triangle is to lay-out the sink, range and refrigerator at roughly 4 to 9 feet apart, thereby connecting the three main work areas through a triangular shape. Such a layout is meant to improve efficiency by keeping traffic in the kitchen to a minimum.

Nevertheless, the variety of kitchen sizes and designs have changed radically over the years. Therefore, relying on the Kitchen Work Triangle is no longer sufficient. In fact, incorporating work zones in the kitchen has gained increased importance lately due to the changes in the layout, increased number of appliances and types of activities that are carried out in the kitchen. Hence is a simple diagram to illustrate how the kitchen can be sectioned into 5 main work zones.

Image source: thekitchn

What this means to You
Discuss with the renovation professional on how to implement the Kitchen Work Zones in conjunction with the Kitchen Work Triangle.


2. Plan the Electrical and Lighting Points

Without proper planning, most homeowners would end up with the electrical socket points concentrating in one wall! Naturally, this results in all of the kitchen electrical appliances congregating together in the same counter space!

Image Source: buildmyowncabin

Furthermore, getting the right light needed for preparing and cooking food and setting the mood in your kitchen is also critical. In fact, work surfaces need good task lighting due to the shadows cast by the overhanging cabinets.

Image Source:  bhg

What this means to You
The Kitchen Work Zones are a good reference when you are planning on the location of the electrical and lighting points.


3. Learn to Speak the Language of Kitchen Cabinets

Learning some basic cabinetry terms will help you tremendously during the discussions with your home renovation professionals. This is because understanding some of the frequently used terms helps you to prevent miscommunication. Here is an example to get you started during your kitchen remodel project.

Image sources: kraftmaidspec and anawhitediy


4. Dimensions are the Key

Knowing the measurements of your electrical appliances, cutlery and so on will help you in nailing down the exact dimensions of the cabinets to be fabricated. Thus, finding out the dimensions of big ticket items such as refrigerator, washing machines, dryer, sink, dishwasher, built-in baking ovens and so on is a must before you proceed with the kitchen renovation.

Image source: robertblinfors

What this means to You
Discuss with your renovation professionals on space and storage planning before you proceed with the purchase of any electrical appliances. In addition, if you use the digital tablet extensively in the kitchen, you should consider including a stand cum charging station in the kitchen too.


5. More Choices of Countertops to Choose From!

With the technology advancements, there is a much wider variety of countertops to choose from. For instance, paper composite, coloured glass and semi-precious stones countertops are also gaining popularity.

In fact, custom-fabricated kitchen countertop carries a wide selection of semi-precious stone collection that ranges from Agate, Amethyst to Dumortierite!

Image source: pinterest

Alternatively, if you are adventurous enough, use a translucent glass or onyx as a lighted countertop with rope or backlighting!

Image source: blog.timesunion


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