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5 Reasons Why This Moving Service Is The Right Choice

Let’s be honest, if you have experience moving into a new house before, you will definitely know how stressful the whole process can be. This is especially true if the things you need to bring along with you would have to fit into a lorry.

As common as lorry renting goes, it can still be a hassle for us to find one, given that we always want the best service at a reasonable price.

There’s recently a moving service in Singapore that could make it so much easier to find professional movers. It’s called TheLorry, and here are 5 reasons why it could be your right choice.


Get instant quotations

TheLorry in its essence is a tech company, focusing on the logistics industry. They have created a platform for us to get connected to the thousands of professional movers under their wing. Think Grab, but for lorries.

So when you go into their website or use their app, just put in all your details and you’ll see the price pop up instantly. This way you don’t have to call a bunch of movers to get their quotations. The prices are usually pretty reasonable too.


Transparency FTW

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So if you’re new to the whole lorry renting thing, you may not know that the smart way to hire movers is to call a bunch and figure out which sounds the best (as per the statement above). There’s always a risk of one or two not being so outright with their quotations.

As you will be able to get instant quotations from TheLorry, you would also notice that the price they quotes are transparently honest. Meaning what you see on screen is what you will be paying, no pesky hidden charges.


Customizable booking

TheLorry, despite its name, also offers vans for renting as well. So if you think you have too little stuff to be put into a lorry, you could opt for a smaller van service. And if you so much stuff, you can choose the bigger 3-tonne lorries also available for renting.

If you’re potentially browsing through the website already, you might have noticed that the moving service also offers additional services as well. This includes manpower, bubble wrapping, shrink wrapping, and boxes for you packing needs.

With vehicle type options and additional service, you’d only be paying for what you choose to have. No more no less.


Verified pro movers

Another thing that might appeal to you about the online lorry renting service, if none haven’t, is that the movers you hire are all verified professionals.

Apart from creating the platform, the company also does background checks for all their drivers and movers before calling them their own.

So the risk of hiring someone who might handle your things a little too rough, or ask for more money for no apparent reason will be considerably lower.


Available in Singapore AND Malaysia (cross border moving too!)

Oops, we actually forgot to tell you that TheLorry was first conceptualised in Malaysia, and have now expanded to Singapore. This means that the service is available all throughout Singapore and Malaysia.

And if you are planning to move from Malaysia to Singapore or vice versa, they actually offer cross-border moving as well. Pretty handy no?

All in all, the moving service can really ease up your moving process. Let them take care of the heavy lifting, so you can focus more on designing your new home ;p

Think you’ll give them a try? Let us know in the comments?


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