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5 Questions which every Homeowner must ask after the Renovation! Plus an Essential Renovation Checklist for download

5 Questions which every Homeowner must ask after the Renovation!

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Your renovation journey was fraught with tears and sweat, but in the end the transformation which you have always dreamed of has finally happened! So in my final installment of the Must Ask Questions for Homeowners, here is the list of questions that you cannot miss at the end of your renovation journey? 🙂

Okay go on and take a deep breath … these questions are….

Contract Closure

1. Is the complete list of issues completely addressed and resolved?

To recap, an issue tracker maintains a list of outstanding issues to be addressed. Therefore, this list of issues should be completely resolved before the renovation handover and contract closure.

2. Is the renovation handover exercise complete?

Your apartment should have been cleaned and properly vacated prior the renovation handover. Also, do perform one last walk-through to ensure that all the defects are addressed as agreed. Lastly, ensure that the locks which was previously used by the Renovation Professional have been changed.


3. When does the warranty for the renovation kick in?

As you are entitled to free rectification works as long as your warranty is still in force, it is imperative that you make sure that all the rectification works are complete before the renovation warranty expires.

4. Do you keep track of the warranty expiry dates for the renovation contract and the home appliances?

Electrical home appliances such as microwave, fridge, washing machine and so on comes with warranty. Therefore, by keeping a central list of the appliances with their accompanying expiry dates, this list will help you greatly in keeping tabs on their warranty status.

Future Enhancement

5. What are the areas of improvements which you can incorporate into your home?

Renovation is hardly a one-time affair. This is because over time, your family size might grow and hence, your family’s needs might evolve too. Therefore you can plan for a minor enhancement exercise by noting down the areas of improvements which you wish to carry out in the future!

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At last! Your home is finally decked out in new paint, with matching furniture and furnishings! Well, you can start to create cherished memories in your new abode with your family. Oh by the way, I have also included an Essential Checklist for Home Renovationwhich summarized all the Must Ask Questions in an excel sheet for you.

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Essential Checklist for Home Renovation

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