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5 nifty water-saving gadgets to make up for that 30% increase in your water bill

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With the Singapore government announcing that they are raising the prices of your water bill with the first increase happening in July this year, it’s not too early to start getting into the habit of using less water at home. To help you along, here’s a list of 5 appliances and products that can save you water and money.


1. Hansgrohe Axor Starck Organic Basin Mixer

Designed by renowned designer Philippe Starck, this basin mixer is as stylish as it is eco-friendly. Featuring an organic and minimalist form, it consists of 90 individual water outlets that only let out 3.5 litres of water per minute, compared to 5 litres of water per minute for conventional mixers. The large number of outlets also means it covers a wider surface area for more efficient washing.

Available at Hansgrohe


2. Hansgrohe Raindance Select (Air power)

What we like about this shower head are its variety of sprays that you can switch around with at the touch of a button. There are three kinds available, including the water-efficient RainAir spray.

In this setting, air is mixed in with the water that is released, transforming powerful jets into gentle drops of rain to make bath time a soothing luxury. But it’s not just about the shower experience, the technology also means you can reduce the use of water without cutting corners on shower comfort. The other two settings include Rain, where forceful jets of water stream through small exit holes, and RainStream, where 12 individual jets cover a larger surface area.

Available at Hansgrohe


3. Treo EC0188 Toilet Bowl

If this toilet bowl looks familiar, well, it should, because it’s a similar model to the ones they are using in newer BTO flats. And it’s no wonder, because it seems pretty water-saving to us. It works like this: the toilet bowl comes with a built-in basin that sits above the cistern for washing hands. The water that is used to wash your hands is then saved to use for the next time you flush your toilet.

Available at Treo


4. Altered:Nozzle

This Kickstarter project is pretty cool. The creators claim that this device uses up to 98 percent less water than your existing tap. It’s fitted into your existing ware, by first unscrewing the nozzle and then removing the aerator of your tap. Then you fix the device into place, and viola! It’s that simple to install. The point of it is that it helps to fully maximise the same amount of water that is coming out from your tap, thanks to its heavy mist-like spray. There’s also a regular saving mode, which saves up to 75 percent of water, that you can switch to if you want to a more forceful spray.

Here’s a video to illustrate how it works:

Make sure you can unscrew your nozzle from the tap and remove your existing aerator. In addition, the device also comes in a few sizes, so check to see if it will fit in yours.

Available to order here


5. Bosch Logixx HomeProfessional with i-DOS Washing Machine

The number of ticks a washing machine has is a good indicator of how water efficient the appliance is. While that is usually a good rule to follow when looking for water-saving washers, it’s wise to take a look at the other features of the washing machine to see if it suits your needs.

This front loader from Bosch has a couple of features that makes it water-efficient. When you’re looking to save water, a front loader beats a top loader. The unit also has an intelligent i-DOS automatic dosing system that helps to determine the optimal amount of detergent needed for your load of clothes. Sensors detect the type of fabric and the load volume in the drum to let you know how much you need. This prevents the situation of having too much detergent which usually results in additional water cycles and therefore water wastage.

Available at major electronic stores

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