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5 Easy Interior Design Tips for Various Home Elements

  • Lighting for your home. When choosing lighting for each room of your home, make sure you consider the overall interior design. Think about the atmosphere, the drama you want to create and the activities that will most likely take place in a certain room. For example, dim and warm soothing lighting will be best for your bedroom while bright white lighting will be ideal for the kitchen. For the living room, you can always choose to go with the more elaborate types such as elegant lamps and chandeliers.


  • Hang Wall Arts, Pictures and Frames. The more personalized it is, the better. Wall arts, paintings, pictures and other framed stuffs on your wall create character to any interior design. Choose timeless items to hang so you won’t have to keep replacing them. Pictures of special moments such as weddings are the exception. They are timeless and nostalgic and you surely would always want to be reminded of such a happy time.
  • Use Mirrors. A trick often used by interior design firms and people with very clever and artistic eyes is the mirror. The proper placement of a mirror will create the illusion of a bigger space. The mirror should also be of the right size. It should not be too small to be ignored. Decorative mirrors are usually the types chosen by most interior design firms. Those who want timeless appeal prefer clean cut modern mirrors.
  • Strategic Placement of Rugs and Carpeting. Rugs, runners and carpets are also essential for interior design. When decorating your room, identify the overall motif of your interior design and choose the pattern of your rug, carpet or runner based on that.
  • Use Storage Space. Storage spaces are functional and they boost your interior design aesthetically as well – if you know what to choose, where to place them and how to place them.

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